A sustainable house in Madrid nestled amongst the trees

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A sustainable house nestled amongst oaks, pines and firs, rehabilitated with the help of the homeowner’s neighbor and friend, architect Antonio Guzman, located in Madrid, Spain. Nature has become the essence of the interior of this home, with extensive glazing to capture the outdoor environment. Taking a whole year for the reform, the living spaces were extended without losing the original advantages of construction. A flat roof design and large overhangs helped with reducing heat consumption, almost making it disappear in certain areas of the home. The large windows, which had existed in the original construction, were preserved and added to in the new rooms. The windows are well-insulated to allow for excellent heat retention. By leaving the windows without dressing, it helps to facilitate natural light entering into the interiors and keep the views of the forest obstruction free. The outdoors is visually interconnected by large sliding glass doors.

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Selected colors and materials for interior housing played a major role in the unification of environments because, practically, the whole house has white as the protagonist. Area rugs, pillows and other design details are responsible for adding pops of color and chrome touches that add depth to the common areas. There are three spacious bedrooms, with the girls room standing out with a strong feminine air with pops of pink. The master bedroom was conceived as an oasis of calm and tranquility, a haven for parents, isolated, and above all, comfortable. The bedroom suite features direct access to the outside, a walk-in closet and a bathroom with shower and separate bath.

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What We Love: The large picture windows that capture the views of the mature trees that surrounds the property, bringing nature into the interiors of the home. Clean, functionally designed spaces, where everything seems to have its place and looks to be in perfect harmony. How about you, any particular features you enjoy in the design of this sustainable home?

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With the privileged location of the house, surrounded by green lawns and old trees, a wide porch was created to take advantage of the surroundings. Here dinners and cookouts frequently occur during the warm summer months.

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Photos: Mi Casa

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