Inspiring dwelling in Madrid displaying a cool home library

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A home built in the 1950s was transformed by Egue y Seta into a unique and vivacious family home, located in Chamartín, a district in Madrid, Spain. Designed with a gabled roof, the interior living spaces are comprised of 1,829 square feet (170 square meters), arranged over a series of three rectangular floors that have been staggered. An open plan living and dining room features a wall of double height custom designed, solid wood bookcases brimming with books. The bookcases were recovered from the family’s previous home. Books can be enjoyed while relaxing comfortably on one of the vintage armchairs, or the plush leather sofa. The dining table is also provides the family with a wonderful reading space, a rescue from a disappeared nineteenth century French farmhouse. As you tour through the home, you will notice a cool home library with a bookcase wall as well, perfectly suited for a family that has a passion for books, stories and film!

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Sliding glass doors helps to extend this open layout to the outdoors, drawing natural light in and helping blur the lines between indoors and out. An outdoor terrace, gardens and a swimming pool helps to complete the property surrounding the home, a nice balance for family living.

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What We Love: The relaxed and comfortable vibe throughout this family home in Madrid is a treat for the eyes, there are a lot of inspiring ideas. We especially love the home library with the suspended bed, it looks like a very cool spot to hang out and enjoy a good read… or a siesta! How about you, do you like the design of this home, what is your favorite space?

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An open and spacious kitchen is separated from the rest of the home, with white kitchen cabinets mixed with gray concrete and wood flooring, adding a touch of ruggedness to the space.

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The master bedroom features a skylight to help illuminate the space naturally, bringing in the morning light, a perfect way to start the day!

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The master bathroom features two vessel sinks set on a white vanity of microcement (a thin layer of concrete topping that is designed to take stain) with view through a window. A walk-in shower is adjacent to the vanity, while a beautiful, not to mention relaxing, freestanding “anthology” soaker tub is set on the opposite side, sourced from Recor Bathrooms.

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A home library doubles as a guest bedroom up the staircase, closed off from the space by a glass wall. The bookcase wall is filled with great reads and videos for the family to enjoy. A library ladder allows access to the books that are high above, while a suspended net bed turns this space into a cool place to “literally” hang out!

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Photos: Vicugo Foto

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