Sleek modern villa with a warm and cozy interior

Villa Veth is a custom designed modern residence in Hattem, The Netherlands by 123DV Modern Villas. Between forest and meadows lies a varied landscape. High, dry, sandy dunes interspersed with heather, willow bushes and grasslands, which is an ideal setting to have a villa if you like the outdoors like the inhabitants of this incredible piece of architecture.

The living area of this bungalow with woodland is orientated to the south, with the sun setting out on the terrace. The glass wall of the living area towards the spacious patio has been designed transparent to minimize the boundary between inside and outside. From the inside of the house this provides a maximum experience of the garden and the rest of the surroundings. Because of the large canopy and floor heating, it is also nice to be on the terrace on autumn days.

From the entrance side, the carport of the bungalow appears to be hovering. It is a simple architectural approach with a great visual effect. The house looks sleek and abstract on the outside, but has a warm and cozy interior. The furniture in the living room has all been custom designed. The kitchen, storage space, fireplace, piano and audio equipment form an integral part of the wall unit.

Visit the website of 123DV Modern Villas here.

Photos: Courtesy of 123DV Modern Villas

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