Amsterdam apartment designed to live and work: Zoku Loft

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Located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the Zoku loft is a unique living/working hybrid design customized to meet all of your needs from work to hosting dinner parties. The cozy and compact space features a lot of design packed into just 269 square feet (25 square meters). In a regular hotel room or a studio apartment, the bed is typically the focal point of the room, however in the Zoku loft, the kitchen table has been turned into the focal feature. You can use this space for work or to enjoy your meals, which can be conveniently made from the small and efficient kitchen. The comfortable furnishings throughout this small loft were designed by Muuto. You can even switch out the artwork on your walls if you are looking for some new inspiration! A small staircases leads to an elevated sleeping area, offering its guests a fluffy king-sized bed, which can be easily screened off when you have guests.

The Zoku Lofts can be rented for a single night, but are geared towards those looking for a temporary shelter anywhere from a couple of days to several months. Their main goal is to offer you comfort and efficiency for both work and play.

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The bathroom is equipped with stylish sliding doors to attractively conceal the space for privacy. A fully equipped kitchen can do everything from making an early morning pick-me-up such as an espresso to a wonderful pasta dish in the evening. The loft also has plenty of storage to tuck away your suitcases and even has an area by the doorway for all of your office amenities.

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What We Love: The Zoku Loft is a unique design concept, jam-packed with features for everyday living in a small space, perfect for travelers that are looking for extended stay on a budget. The space is clean-lined and stylish with comfortable furnishings, light decor and a cozy bedroom nook that is neatly tucked out of sight. We love it! How about you, would you stay here and feel right at home?

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According to the extended stay hotel’s website, the word “Zoku” is Japanese for family, tribe or clan, facilitates global living and working for the traveling professional. Zoku is a new category in the hotel industry: a flexible home/office hybrid, also suitable for long stays, with the services of a hotel and the social buzz of a thriving neighborhood. You can live, work, relax and socialize with like-minded people – while getting wired into the city. The first Zoku opens in Amsterdam this spring.

Photos: Ewout Huibers

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