Green Homes

Environmental sustainability has always been a unique topic, especially with so many homes and commercial properties aiming to be LEED certified. We delve into some really fun designs that showcase beautiful materials and clever use of sustainable elements culminating into functionality and great architecture that we can all be fascinated with. Have a look at some satisfying environmentally friendly properties that will leave you inspired to want to emulate some of the ideas featured here into your own home design, whether it be a new-build or a renovation project.

A breathtaking modern house with amazing views over the Mississippi River

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Overlooking the Mississippi River, this exceptional modern house artfully crafted by Unfold Architecture together with Sustainable Nine Design + Build is situated in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. This striking dwelling showcases a sleek design with crisp lines while harmonizing with its pristine natural setting. Step inside to be greeted by an open and inviting floor […]

A modern house perched above the picturesque North Carolina mountains

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Nestled in the heart of Waynesville, North Carolina, this stunning house, a collaborative masterpiece by Living Stone Design + Build and ID.ology Interiors & Design, epitomizes the essence of modern mountain living. It provided the project team with an extraordinary canvas to showcase nature’s splendor with contemporary luxury. This architectural marvel redefines upscale living through […]

This gorgeous Southwest-style house has epic Arizona desert views

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Urban Design Associates has created this spectacular southwest-style house with breathtaking desert views in Scottsdale, Arizona. Faced with the challenge of integrating the extraordinary desert mountain views along with a sizable wash running through the site, the only design solution was to split the house. The architects ingeniously connected the garages and guest house to […]

See this remarkable rammed earth house nestled on a Texas ranch

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Lake|Flato Architects have designed this extraordinary rammed earth house that acts as insulation against the harsh climate of the desert in Marfa, Texas. The dwelling’s two-foot-thick walls were constructed into a courtyard design to passively provide both cooling and heating effects. Nestled between the formidable Chihuahuan Desert and the grandeur of the Davis Mountains, Marfa, […]

A modern interpretation of a classic farmhouse in beautiful coastal Maine

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Nestled within a serene coastal enclave in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Kevin Browne Architecture has created an energy-efficient, modern farmhouse. Offering unobstructed vistas of the enveloping marshland, the site’s gentle grassy slope and absence of trees served as a perfect canvas. Originally from Texas, the homeowners sought a blend of innovation and simplicity for their new […]

Living large in a 900 square foot sustainably designed cabin on Caribou Lake

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Nestled within the woodlands along Caribou Lake’s shoreline in Lusten, Minnesota, this environmentally conscious Jewel Box Cabin comes to life through the vision of Imprint Architecture and Design. This residence employs biophilic design principles to forge a profound connection between inhabitants and their natural environment. Occupying a minimal footprint, this 900-square-foot, two-story cabin coexists harmoniously […]

A Maine home boasts sustainable living in a serene coastal setting

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Embracing curves and angles that reflect the natural landscape, this beachfront Maine home designed by Woodhull Architects avoids straight lines altogether. The family residing here is deeply committed to renewable energy, emphasizing sustainability, minimal environmental impact, and energy efficiency in the design. Taking on a floating presence amidst the property’s sand dune, the home was […]

Inside a spectacular Palo Alto house with a cool green roof deck

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Cathy Schwabe Architecture in collaboration with John Lum Architecture has designed this GreenPoint Rated house located in downtown Palo Alto, California. The cutting-edge design merges seamlessly with comfort and efficiency in this 5,500-square-foot innovative healthy home. With more than 35 green building strategies, highlights include a Hydronic cooling system integrated into the ceilings, refreshing planted living […]

This awesome North Carolina house sits peacefully in the meadow

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Harding Huebner Architects created this impressive modern meadow house, nestled on a 49-acre property in Leicester, North Carolina. This project began with a retired couple from Midland, Texas who had a deep appreciation for the vast openness of the Texas landscape. They aspired to recreate that serene feeling by building their new 4,450-square-foot home on […]