Nordic style holiday decorated home in shimmering gold and white

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The magic of Christmas is upon us with only a day away and as we await this special day, we have a stunning house tour to share with you that has been festively decorated in shimmering gold and white. Every detail of this house in Barcelona, Spain breathes Christmas, it is as bright as it is serene. The base could not be better: a spacious apartment with large windows and decorative moldings. Stylist Silvia Rademakers designed this home for the holidays, infusing a Nordic style Christmas with a little white and gold. This scheme fit perfectly with the decor of this classic home, with plenty of warmth thanks to the wood and beige tones. You can feel the magic upon entrance into this home, as the hall is filled with candles that surround the entrance. The designer also wanted the house to be decorated with natural elements besides the tree, adding greenery and flower bouquets. In the living room, the tree is the main focal point, along with the fireplace, with is decorated with branches of fir and eucalyptus. For the tree ornaments, the designer played with natural materials and varying textures, combining glass balls with wood, crochet or fabric to give life and light.

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In preparing the dining table decor, the designer has a personal motto of less is more. Allowing extra space between each diner to allow space to put the dishes. A white tablecloth was used as the base, the one covering it features a small geometric print. Eucalyptus branches and candles were used as a table centerpiece, looking beautiful with the with the white dishes, silverware and crystal.

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The children’s bedrooms were also decorated for Christmas. This space has its own wooden tree with a tree-based trunk and fabric decorations, and also the tree painted on the wall, with small lights. A few stars hang from the ceiling lamp and a garland of scraps of cloth decorates the gallery. Everything is ready to start the magic of Christmas.

Photos: El Mueble

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