Manhattan Beach house showcases playful, relaxed beach vibe

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Homeowner and interior designer Jill Johnson of Waterleaf Interiors designed this breezy and stylish beach house that is located right by the ocean in Manhattan Beach, California. The two-story family home has a refined yet laid-back style, gracefully capturing the California cool lifestyle that is undeniably wonderful. The shingle clad home has been featured in the current issue of Coastal Living magazine, showcasing its simple holiday decorations and beach style vibe that makes you want to design your own coastal dream house! When its the holiday season, the designer likes to play off her coastal environment and enhance what is already existing. Natural elements of greenery are dotted throughout, beach-inspired ornaments brings in the coastal vibe, while a palette of hues drawn from the sea were used for both the home and holiday decor. Regardless of the season, she pairs creative details with comfortable and livable elements that are kid-friendly. If you happen to visiting in the neighborhood, the designer co-owns a lovely shop in downtown Manhattan Beach that is full of coastal collections for those that love beach style interiors.

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What We Love: The serene color palette and tranquil hues inspired by the colors of the sea makes this home feel like a peaceful respite from the outside world. Relaxed furnishings seem to beckon you to sit and stay awhile, this is a fabulous family home that seems like it would be a pleasure to live in. What do you think? Is there anything you would do differently in the interior styling of this home? Let us know in the comments section below, we love reading your feedback!

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Photos: David Tsay

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