21 Smart and Practical Space-Saving Ideas For Your Tiny Laundry Room


If you have a tiny laundry room or just a laundry nook somewhere in your home, these brilliant space-space ideas will help you refresh your space. It’s important to keep this small space organized and efficient, with laundry essentials being stored correctly. This could be having open shelving so that you can easily find what you are looking for. You may wish to separate your essentials in labeled bins.

A place to sort laundry can be very efficient if you have the space. This is where front-loading washer/dryers are ideal so that you may have a countertop. You could also have a rolling cart that you could store somewhere when not in use. Laundry sorting bins are also handy, there are industrial ones on casters that can be moved as needed. You can also convert a cabinet to store laundry bins. 

You may also wish to consider where to store your ironing board, whether it be on the back of a door or hanging on your wall. You can also convert a drawer for a small roll-out ironing board. Additional essentials may be a drying rack, which can be installed between cabinetry or you can install an accordion one on the wall. We have plenty of amazing tiny laundry room ideas for you below to help you get started.

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1. Closet Laundry Room. If you are tight on space consider making use of an under-utilized closet and maximize the space by surrounding the washer and dryer with smart solutions. (via Lowe’s Home Improvement)


2. Open Shelving. This tiny laundry room features open shelving for easy storage and a folding table for your laundry. If you have troubles reaching the top shelf, be sure to have a step stool handy. This will enable you to have shelves close to your ceiling height without having to worry about accessibility. (via Kristina Crestin Design)


3. Pull-Down Drying Rack. Installing a dry rack in your laundry room will save space and be very handy if you have a lot of delicates. Some hang from the ceiling and others pull down. If you find yourself using the delicate cycle, then this drying rack solution would be a great investment in your tiny laundry room! (via Jane Lockhart Design)


4. Add A Clothing Rod. This may seem like an added luxury in a tiny laundry room, but it will help to make your space more efficient. You could utilize the space between two cabinets or underneath a cabinetry to hang your delicates. This also gives you the option of additional clothes storage when needed. (via Von Fitz Design)


5. Stackable Washer/Dryer. Purchasing a stackable washer and dryer is an excellent space-saving solution to maximize your laundry room. This will help to expand your floor plan so that you have more space for laundry essentials. (via Stefani Stein)


6. Space-Saving Folding Station. This functional laundry features plenty of countertop space with a washer/dryer tucked underneath. A bar for hanging clothes and a sink is perfect for hand washables and treating stains. The counter space also provides plenty of room for sorting clothes and scrubbing stains. (via Soda Pop Design Inc.)


7. Simple Laundry Sorting. Industrial canvas laundry baskets on casters can be rolled from your closet to your laundry room. This provides simple laundry sorting with darks and lights and can be easily be placed right in front of your washing machine. You can find these same rolling caddies at the provided link. (via Steele Canvas)


8. Make Use Of All Available Space. Tucked next to the stairs of a basement, this tiny laundry room makes full use of under-utilized space. Opening shelving and a small cabinet helps to store laundry essentials. Decorative wall hooks can be used for hanging stray socks. (Sealy Design Inc.)


9. Get Savvy With Hidden Storage. The built-ins conceal the washer and dryer below, while laundry supplies and a hanging bar and in cabinets above. The upper cabinetry features glass doors to showcase decorative pieces. This streamlined look will keep the clutter at bay, while the cabinetry also serves as a sound barrier against the noise of the machines during the day. (via Guthmann Construction)



10. Multi-Functional Work Table. This laundry room features a countertop for organizing loads, folding clothes, and treating stains. Underneath there is space for a dog bed, while on the other side is a watering station and even a feeding station. Above is a pull-down drying rack. Everything you need in one space. (via Stefani Stein)



11. Add Touches of Functionality. Design is all in the details of this hard-working, high-functional laundry room. Storage bins on the countertop above the washer/dryer neatly stores laundry items out of sight. A homemade curtain using fabric helps to conceal the washer/dryer when not in use. Wall hooks can be used to hang your delicates on a hanger to dry. Wall-mounted metal baskets helps you to sort out dirty clothes, and can be easily removed if you need additional space. (via Alexandra Crafton)


12. Get Organized With Open-Shelving. If you have a small laundry room, a stackable washer/dryer will help to optimize your space. Open shelving can be used to easily storage laundry essentials, while a small free-standing utility sink is ideally located next to the washer/dryer. A wall hook hangs the ironing board, stored out of the way. (via thea home inc)


13. Pedestal Base Under Washer/Dryer. Pedestal bases will help to elevate your appliances off the floor, making it more comfortable for loading and unloading. They will offer ample storage space for everything from detergent to dryer sheets to keep laundry room clutter at bay. FYI: The closest color match to the alder cabinets would be Sherwin Williams Slate Tile. (via Plain and Posh)


14. Corral Clutter Into Baskets. Use baskets or wooden storage crates (can be found at Target or The Container Store) to group miscellaneous laundry items together for storage. This will help to create visual order and keep your stuff in small, simple to grab bins. The washer/dryer are the Miele 24″ front-load washer and dryer, with pedestals. (via Adams + Beasley Associates)


15. Wall Mount Drying Rack. A tiny laundry room would benefit from this Accordion Clothes Drying Rack, found at Home Depot. The hooks below can accommodate hanging clothes. (via Jules Art of Living)


16. Functional Laundry Closet. A roll out shelf expands for folding and ironing and pushed back when not in use. Wood shelves are used for linen storage. (via Amy Storm & Company)


17. Laundry Sorting Under Counter. If you are wishing for a place to store laundry other than your bathroom or bedroom, you may wish to consider converting cabinets into sorting bins. In this laundry room, two drawers were customized to fit plastic hampers. The width of each pull out is 24″. The laundry baskets are 11″ x 18″ and were purchased at Solutions (similar can be found at The Container Store). Sort lights, darks and towels in these bins for organization. (via Chabot Interiors)


18. Add Canisters To Your Counter. If you are short on space, ditch the plastic containers. Use decorative containers to adorn your countertop, storing your laundry detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and even clothes pins. See the rest of this exciting home here: An old sea captain’s house beautifully transformed in Sausalito. (via Urrutia Design)


19. Closet Conversion. If you live in a small home, apartment or condo, or just lack space, this is a great tiny laundry room solution. This is a double door closet, yet is deeper than a typical closet. A clothing rod is installed between the cabinets for hanging delicates to dry. You can also utilize this space for extra clothing storage of T-shirts and sweaters. FYI: The backsplash tile is 1×2 stainless steel brick mosaic tiles from Origin tile. (via Clean Design)


20. Use Curtains To Conceal Laundry. If you laundry space in a hallway or open closet, consider adding a curtain panel to hide the washer/dryer. A drapery panel could also conceal the entire laundry space. Despite not helping with sound attenuation, they will create a more attractive aesthetic. Shiplap adds a farmhouse touch to this space. (via Mark Ashby Design)


21. Pull Out Ironing Board. An empty drawer can be converted to hold an ironing board. Pull out the ironing board when you are ready to use it, and then slide it neatly back when not in use. Now your ironing board is hidden from sight and creates a streamlined look to your laundry space. (via Choice Home Remodeling Inc.)

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