Cool bohemian style artist loft designed for travelers in Madrid

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In a classic nineteenth century building is this unique bohemian style loft apartment that is filled with art, designed as a temporary shelter for any traveler passing through Madrid, Spain. Titled “Mad Loft” the property was designed as an apartment, a loft, and an exhibit with the added bonus that it can be rented and enjoyed by those who appreciate art. The project was put together by The Sibarist and Woody Metal, who infused life, ethnicity and warmth into this space. On the walls, works by emerging artists like Marco Pardo and Javito Ruiz Perez, have murals created exclusively on the living room wall. The 1,892 square foot (170 square meters), three bedroom loft features unique pieces, furnishings and unique textiles that adds color everywhere with their vivid hues and ethnic-inspired prints. Each piece in this project has a story to tell. From a renewed Telefunken where you can listed to your music by connecting your smartphone, to reclaimed furnishings and re-invented vintage pieces. The loft invites us to dream, to travel back in time and enjoy urban art.

The Sibarist Mad Loft is available for rent on Airbnb with a rate of $407 / per night, accommodating a maximum of eight guests.

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What We Love: How unique and individual pieces seen throughout this loft are able to form an original interior with a nod to Madrid bohemian! How about you, what do you like about this loft space?

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For those who enjoy urban landscapes, a small patio terrace with a mirrored wall was designed by landscape architect Alvaro Sampedro. Best of all, many of the pieces that are on display are also available for purchase!

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Photos: Pedro de Agustín

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