Delightful apartment that bursts with color and energy

The cosmopolitan character of this downtown Madrid apartment, discovered on Mi Casa, is evident at a first glance. The owners are a young couple with a child who moved to New York for work purposes and use this house as a refuge on their frequent visits to Spain. Given that it is easy to isolate abroad, this couple felt the need to maintain ties with their country; so they would always have the option to make a trip to see family and friends. The location of the building, in the heart of the city, as well as its attractive architecture – with high ceilings and unique balconies – resulted in an instant crush for their owners. The home was renovated with the key purpose to join the environments and have as much open space as possible. Bearing in mind that this is a casual home, it was not necessary to have large fitted wardrobes and numerous rooms; two bedrooms, a bathroom and a wide room, which houses the common areas, created a cozy dwelling for family. The home is decorated with pieces throughout that are from numerous trips, the furnishings and other details the owner’s had creative freedom to do as they wished.

Photos: Mi Casa Revista

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