A luminous and charming loft in Madrid

Moderation, functionality, amplitude and luminosity with a few droplets of perkiness; this was the master formula that was used to decorate this attractive loft we found on Mi Casa located in Madrid, Spain. Much of its charm lies in the modernity of the structure; part of an exclusive urbanization of the promoter Liquid Investments which based the building on an idea by architect Frederick Sotomayor that bet for creative and technological spaces to live and be inspired. Huge windows of glass, high ceilings, wide open spaces and concrete reinforcing comprise this unique environment.

Interior design studio Andean & Tapia turned this magnificent space into a place of warmth and sophistication. They played with contrasts of styles, a mix of eclecticism, with striking furniture design and stunning upholstery in black and grey, which coexist with vintage furniture and the charm of the rustic pieces. The kitchen is perhaps space that best conveys this sense; with refined lines and high-end appliances shares space with a country style dining room.

In the bathroom, the ceilings are lower to create a more intimate and warm space, the perfect area to promote relaxation. For this reason, it is placed under the attic that houses the bedroom. The charming bedroom is on a mezzanine that looks out to the floor below by way of a translucent handrail. The open dressing room area occupies a full front while two flirtatious old trunks replace conventional tables. Cushions and pillows of soft colors stand out on the bed under the chairmanship of a suggestive treated image, all inside by soft and fluffy carpets of various origins.

Photos: Mi Casa Revista

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