Renovated farmhouse in Spain with charming details

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The brilliant transformation of a farmhouse surrounded by olive trees is the work of owner and interior designer Ana Fernandez, located in Málaga, near Villanueva del Trabuco, Spain. The key to the reform was keeping the spirit of the house alive. The new homeowner travelled a lot for work between Holland and Spain, where she owns the studio Barefoot Styling. Not having a permanent residence prior to this, everything changed when she discovered this farm. Wanting to establish a base of operations somewhere in Spain where the weather is warm, she spotted this property, in an ideal location close to the airport and the sea. The derelict structure had been built in 1945 and although complicated to reform, the designer was up for the task. The main objective was to infuse light into every corner of the home. To gain transparency into the home, an opening was created in the living room wall for a window, while walls and ceilings were painted white. The floor was replaced with polished cement, the electrical system was updated and windows and doors were renewed. The decor was the last thing to complete in this spectacular renovation. The designers idea was to create cozy environments without altering the rustic spirit. Some of the original furnishings were recovered, renewed with a fresh coat of white paint.

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The designer has decorated her home for the holidays with a Scandinavian-chic style, using subtle decorations that are handcrafted and very charming. Fur pelts have been strewn on the floor and sofas, while knitted throws can also be seen in every direction, ready to help you get cozy by a warm fire stove. Pops of blue, green and mauve can be seen throughout, adding some personality to an otherwise neutral color palette. Lots of candles cast a glow through the home, bringing the magical spirit of Christmas into this Spanish abode.

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What We Love: Charming spaces that have been decorated with cozy textures and materials makes this home feel very comfortable and homey, a wonderful place to spend the Christmas holidays!

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Photos: Mi Casa

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