Vintage Modern Loft in Vancouver gets inspiring transformation

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We just received another fabulous project from Jordan Mcnab, who worked with handy friends and family to create this double height vintage modern loft in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The loft is located in the Mecca loft building of Mt Pleasant’s up and coming Brewery Creek district. Showcasing 1,350 square feet of living space, the loft includes; two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a roof top patio, a secret door to a hidden office, and a stunning view of Grouse Mountain. Having been pregnant with their first child, Katie and Jordan Macnab, had to think about the future when designing the functionality of the space without losing any cool factor. That being said, they definitely still wanted to keep it industrial and lofty and worry about baby proofing later. With only six to renovate their newly bought Vancouver loft as they prepared to welcome their son, Gray, into the world, Jordan took on a lot of the work himself. But he also turned to friends and family to help with new lighting, cabinets, plumbing and more.

Check out Jordan and Katie’s first loft they designed together, here.

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The main living area in the loft was previously one large, open space. Jordan framed off a portion of it with a reclaimed-wood wall to create a home office, then built a new bedroom for baby Gray above it, which is accessed through the sliding barn door. (Jordan’s uncle is a building inspector in a nearby city and came over to check on his structural work.)

To paint the 18-foot ceiling, he lay down on scaffolding with a spray gun while a friend pushed him around.

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Floor-to-ceiling windows offer views of the north shore of Vancouver and nearby mountains. Another friend of the couple’s made the living wall at the end of the stairs.

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He warmed up the white and grays with reclaimed barn wood that he got from a friend who owns a reclaimed-wood company. He built the dining table top from the same wood. He had another friend build the sprinkler pipe legs. And yet another friend invented the Stact modular wine rack to the right.

The light fixtures are from Ikea; Jordan’s in-laws helped rewire them so they could hang from the high ceiling.

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Because they worked with friends and family and did much of the work themselves, the couple says they were able to complete the renovation for $50,000.

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The kitchen cabinets are a matte gray woodgrain with pure white Quartz countertops from Canadian Countertops. Backsplash is a simple flat white subway tile. All appliances are KitchenAid

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Jordan tore out the original retro architectural walls and built a new wall with an inset for the bed, which showcases a piece of art (a wedding gift) from Linzy Arnott. Behind the wall is a closet and a new en suite bathroom. The window to the left of the bed connects to the shower. The frame on the bed pops up to reveal storage underneath. “In a loft you’ve got to get creative with storage,” he says.

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The old window frames on the wall show the seating chart for the Macnabs’ wedding. “We haven’t erased it yet. We’re still holding on to it a bit,” Jordan says.

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The baby barn was positioned beside the master loft to keep baby Gray close but not too close. The barn door track was sourced through the states at Rustica Hardware.

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For Gray’s room Jordan made the light fixture from the same reclaimed barn board as seen previously and had his in-laws wire it up with jam jar light fixtures.

His mom created the reverse painting of a tree on the wall in the baby’s room. She taped off the design, Jordan painted the wall gray, and then they removed the tape. See video below for details on how this was done!

Photos: Dan Stone

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