Amazing off-the-grid wilderness mountain cabin in California’s High Sierra


This wilderness mountain cabin designed by Walker Warner Architects features natural materials and reclaimed wood, located in Northern California. Tucked into a glorious mountainside amid public forestlands, with views that rival those of national parks, this cabin celebrates the surrounding landscape while making a minimal impact on the land.

Understanding that most activity would take place outdoors, living spaces were kept on the smaller side, with simple detailing to celebrate the beauty of the simple material palette of weathered cedar, steel, stone, and granite-colored terne roofing.

DESIGN DETAILS: ARCHITECTURE Walker Warner Architects INTERIOR DESIGN Stone Interiors BUILDER Nolan Construction LANDSCAPE Garden Architecture


Interior decor was kept to a minimum to focus instead on the natural beauty that surrounds this isolated cabin. The cabin is modern, comfortable, and timeless—and truly built to last for generations. It’s also in the middle of nowhere and runs on a generator. The owner describes the overall feel as “sophisticated wilderness.”


Everything was custom designed in this home, selected for durability and ease of maintenance. This home is completely off-grid, using solar panels and propane. This includes propane refrigerators, similar to the ones used in RVs, and propane lights to limit electricity usage. For heating, the owners use the fireplace and a wood stove. For cooling, the mountain-fed lake keeps one feeling refreshed!


What We Love: This wilderness mountain cabin offers a spectacular off-the-grid retreat for the owners and their guests to enjoy the beauty of nature. We are loving the natural materials used throughout this home and all of the handcrafted elements to create a one-of-a-kind retreat. The tranquil setting provides a relaxed atmosphere that will help one to completely unwind in the beauty of the rugged mountains.

Tell Us: What do you think of this mountain getaway? Would this be your idea of the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of city life? Please let us know your thoughts in the Comments!

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Custom design elements in this home include steel railings, hardware, and light fixtures — all crafted by an artisan metalsmith, Jefferson Mack. In the living room, the pendant is composed of antlers forged of steel.


The living room is lined with continuous deep seating (atop a super-deep platform). It is actually long enough to sleep three extra adults or two adults and three children. The drawers below hold all the bedding.



The cabin was kept to a modest size to not overbuild on this pristine landscape, offering just two bedrooms and a bunk room.



Materials in this mountain cabin include western red cedar that is naturally rot-resistant, aged steel, and locally sourced granite that was quarried and left in the field for 100 years.



PHOTOGRAPHER Cesar Rubio Photography

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2 years ago

Stunning…my dream cabin/house, do you know the square footage? Thanks!

Geoff Heaton
2 years ago

I am assuming that this ‘cabin’ is not used in the winter months. given all that glass it would be difficult to keep warm, unless you had thermal glass. does it have special glass windows?