Luxurious New York City townhouse with astounding design details

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A six-story townhouse designed for family living features bright and airy interiors that are open and spacious, situated in the desirable New York City location of Greenwich Village. This 4,700 square foot home has been fully renovated with a beautiful addition and charming lush gardens with great access on both the north and south sides, extending the indoors to out. A garden entryway welcomes you into the home, where a beautiful open parlor and wood burning fireplace beckons you to have a seat. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows bathes the space in natural light and opens out onto a spacious terrace that offers sweeping views over the garden. This floor also features a lovely sitting room clad with 17th century wood paneling, fireplace and expansive windows. Connecting all six of the floors is a dramatic elliptical staircase, which draws light through from above. On the garden floor, you will find a fabulous kitchen designed for family living as well as a cozy dining room. A wall of glass doors spills out onto a leafy garden.

This striking townhouse is currently listed for a whopping $26 million, spotted on Elliman.

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The upper levels features the private zones of the home, with a luxurious master bedroom suite showcasing a grand wood burning fireplace and access to a private terrace. There are three additional bedrooms as well as two bathrooms that are perfect for either children or guest rooms. An addition to the roof of the home is a striking steel and glass atelier, which was designed as the owner’s private home office and library. The design inspiration for this space is from a modern architectural icon in Paris called the “Maison de Verre” or “House of Glass”. The finished result is a beautiful home designed by artisans with great attention to detail; the history and integrity of this residence remains intact and enhanced through modern day amenities.

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What We Love: The playful touches throughout this home, such as the disco ball in the master bathroom and the green banquette in the kitchen with a neon sign above it that states”All you need is love”… great positive thinking! The best part of the home is the home office with a glass wall that cantilevers over a rooftop terrace, pretty spectacular! What is your favorite feature about this home, could you imagine yourself living here?

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The glass and steel wall cantilevers open by the use of a hand crank, which connects this space to a terrace… which makes three terraces offered in this exquisite home! The terrace offers a steel staircase that will take you to the very top of the townhouse, offering unparalleled views of the cityscape below.

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4 years ago

I love the big tall painting in the living room, who’s the artist?