Luminous and airy family home renovation in Madrid

Renovated Madrid Home-01-1 Kindesign

A bright and spacious detached single family home has been transformed by architect Jose Maria Navarro Segura, located in a residential neighborhood in the outskirts of Madrid, Spain. Thanks to a clever reform, the previous distribution of spaces was completely changed, creating a more modern and functional design that is perfect for this family of four. Walls were torn down to connect living environments and the openings of all the windows were expanded to illuminate all the spaces with natural light. The kitchen was fully renovated, staying in the same place, but partitions were removed to make it more open and airy. The space has increased light and is now connected with the living room. A brand new sliding glass door replaces an old window and connects the living room to an outdoor patio and garden, drawing nature into the home. A light laminate wood flooring in wide slats travels throughout most of the interiors, extending onto the staircase and providing a visual continuity.

Renovated Madrid Home-02-1 Kindesign

Cozy furniture arrangements invites you to sit and relax and enjoy the views through the expansive wall of glass to the lush gardens. Upstairs are the private bedroom zones of the home, with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The master bedroom has an en-suite bathroom, while the two children’s bedrooms and a guest room share a bathroom. There is also an indoor pool that extends to the outdoors, completing this beautifully designed family home.

Renovated Madrid Home-03-1 Kindesign

What We Love: How spacious and bright the new interior layout is, with comfortable and inviting furnishings and crisp white walls that reflects light and makes everything feel so fresh. The winding open staircase with wood treads is a nice standout feature in the center of the home, creating some nice visual interest. What do find most enjoyable about this new family home transformation?

Renovated Madrid Home-04-1 Kindesign

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Photos: Mi Casa

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