Rustic mountain retreat in Vail showcases fabulous design details

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This amazing stone and log cladded rustic mountain retreat was designed as an extended family vacation home by Studio 80 Interior Design, located in Vail, Colorado. A Florida family had been visiting Colorado for twenty years, now all grown up with families of their own, the parents decided to create a family retreat where they could all come together to enjoy summer hiking and winter skiing.

The home was designed to allow for privacy for each of the families as well as state of the art home office for the adults. The homeowner wanted an interior design scheme that not only was tailored to the family’s needs but also be eye-catching and colorful. The architecture of the home was handled by architecture studio TAB Associates, creating a multilevel program to meet the needs of the clients.

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The architects came up with a plan to divide the home into living suites for each of the sons and their families, with two bedrooms, bathrooms and a sitting area. Situated above the kitchen is a vaulted office tower offering work spaces for six adults and beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. The architect also gave a forward thinking approach to the design, creating an additional guest suite with a bunk room sleeping up to eight, for when the kids get older and wish for privacy from their parents.

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The home is nestled on a 35-acre parcel outside of town with great hiking and natural springs, perfect for creating tranquil waterfalls, streams, ponds and an outdoor spa, creating a beautiful outdoorscape. The land was tricky to build on, so tiered retaining walls were devised to create a terraced property. Taking two years to construct, two-thirds of the residence is on piers. Interior architectural features includes wooden beams on the ceilings, hickory flooring, and mahogany paneling on the walls.

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There are four fireplaces in the home, which are outfitted with sculptural burnished-steel surrounds for the hearths. Furnishings throughout the interiors were selected to be cozy, plush, oversize and kid-friendly, which includes durable fabrics and no sharp corners. In the public living zones, hues of orange and red infuses warmth and richness. Situated between the kitchen and dining area are three long tables used for when the family dines together.

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What We Love: The architectural details throughout this rustic mountain retreat are exquisite, as are the furnishings and accessories. Spacious interiors were designed to be warm and cozy, perfect for the enjoyment of the homeowners and their extended family. We are especially loving all of the natural elements used throughout the interiors scheme and the soothing color palette. A beautiful vacation retreat to home!… Readers, are there any details in this home that stands out to you? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Above: The dining table is by Michael Berman, purchased through Kneedler Fauchere. You can find the pendant lights from either Viva Terra or Roost.

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Photos: Studio 80 Interior Design & Luxe Source

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