25+ Spooky And Creative Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas


If you are looking for some spooky outdoor decorating ideas for Halloween that are innovative and fun then you have come to the right place. Today we have put together a collection of DIY ideas for both your front porch and yard from simple to more complex. For many of these projects, you can collect the materials at places such as your local party or dollar store.

Before you begin, make sure you clean up your outdoor spaces so that there is not any clutter. Remove the previous seasons’ decorations and put them away in storage. We like to use containers in colors that relate to the seasons to find decorations more easily. Red or Green for Christmas, Orange for Fall, Purple for Halloween, etc.

When designing for your porch or yard, select a theme, such as ghosts, skeletons, zombies, or a graveyard. These ideas can be combined as long as it has a seamless look. Lights and fog machines will not only create a spooky effect but will also help to illuminate certain decor. Be sure to keep your decorations secure to protect them from inclement weather. Whether they are propped up on stakes, shepherds hooks, or tied down with wire or fishing line. 

Have a look below for some fabulous outdoor Halloween ideas with further information for each of the projects and links to the sources. Enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!

Tell Us: Which one of these outdoor Halloween ideas do you find most inspiring? Let us know in the Comments below!


1. The Skeleton Crew. Make no bones about it, this spooktacular house is crawling with repairs. All you need for this project is some large skeletons and some wood boards for the windows to create a faux wood ladder for the skeletons to climb. (via Imgur)


2. The Wicked Witch’s Inn. The sign inspired the Halloween decor theme of this front porch. The sign was found at @homegoods, while the bats and witch’s hats were purchased on Amazon. Hang the hats from your ceiling with fishing wire and a Command hook. The burgundy mums and pumpkins add the finishing touches. The overall feel of this outdoor space is like you are walking into a witch’s bed & breakfast at Halloween. (via @alyssalondynhome)


3. Spooky Porch Steps. Jack-o-lanterns deck these steps leading up to a cozy white farmhouse. In the evening, lights cast a spooky glow on the steps. The white jack-o-lanterns were sourced from @decorsteals. (via @lizmariegalvan⁠)


4. Spooktacular Mummy Door. This budget-friendly, DIY Halloween door decor features materials that cost just under $20. Many of these items (or similar) can be found at the Dollar Store or the Target Dollar Stop. You will need some large googly eyes and white tissue for your door to create the mummy look. The “Please Park Your Broom at the Door” doormat can be found on Etsy or Amazon. (via @tablefor5please⁠)


5. Spooky Witch. Greet your trick-or-treaters with a large spooky witch, surrounded by lanterns, decorative faux pumpkins, a door wreath, and a spooky lit-up tree. All of the Halloween decorations can be found on Grandinroad. (via @grandinroad)


6. It’s Spooky Season. Mr. Bones stands guard at the front door, which is decked out with bats, layered doormats, and pumpkins. The custom doormat was sourced from @nickeldesigns. Large lanterns are filled with faux white pumpkins. The festive witch hat on the skeleton is a DIY. (via @sbkliving)


7. Creepy Spiders On The Porch. For this outdoor Halloween idea, the skull planter for the mums is a DIY, fashioned from a candy dish. The plastic bats are suspended from the ceiling using fishing wire and small Command hooks. The large spiders are fastened on the wall using no-damage cable holders. The bats and spiders were sourced from Target, while the large lanterns are from Walmart. The pumpkins are from Trader Joe’s and the mums are from Home Depot. The exterior walls of this house are painted in Alabaster SW 7008 – Sherwin Williams and the trim and door are painted in SW 6258 Tricorn Black – Sherwin Williams. (via @jensgatheringnest)


8. Halloween Front Porch. The large creepy crawly spiders give this front porch a spooky feel. Layer in some traditional pumpkins and mums by the door. The “Trick Or Treat” sign was sourced from @simplyinspireddesignco. The wreaths on the front doors are from @afloral. (via @greeneacresfarmhouse)


9. Hocus Pocus. Decorate your front porch with an array of Halloween decor to welcome your trick-or-treaters. Everything from bats affixed to the wall using Blu Tack, to lantern pumpkins, a spooky haunted house, signs, a wreath, and a doormat. Decorations can be layered around your front door with crates and hay bales. All of the front porch decorations can be found at Kirkland’s. (via @kirklands)


10. Spooky Skeleton Yard Decor. Skeletons can be used to decorate your property for simple yet creative decor. This one features a dog chasing the skeleton mailman up the tree. Repurpose an old laptop bag and painted letters on it to spell out “MAIL” and hang it on the skeleton’s shoulder. Securely fasten your skeleton to the tree. (via Imgur)


11. Haunted Halloween Porch. The floating witch’s hats were sourced from Amazon and the candles (illuminating the inside of the hats) are remote-controlled LED lights. Hang the witch’s hats using fishing wire (which can be found in the fishing department at Walmart) and Command hooks. On the front door, the wreath is from @branchesblooms. The pumpkins, mums, and Ruby Grass (in the basket planter) are from @orchardnursery. The front door color is painted in Silverblade by @finepaintsofeurope. The patio tile is Connecticut Bluestone in a full-color range. (via @modernglamhome)


12. Bring On Spooky Season. Jack-o-lanterns and spooky skeletons adorn the black steps of this home in Washington DC. Illuminate the pumpkins at night for an eerily spooky look. (via @thatjanebird)


13. Mr. Skeleton. A large skeleton sits on the sofa sipping wine and greeting trick-or-treaters. Bats are tacked onto the wall using Blue Tack. The “Bed & Breakfast” sign is a DIY stencil using vinyl. Similar artificial maple trees with LED lights can be found on Amazon, Home Depot, Big Lots, Balsam Hill, or Pottery Barn. (via @lifebyleanna)


14. Spooktacular Front Porch. The garland framing the front door is from @hobbylobby. The stacked lighted pumpkins are from @target. On the wall, the custom “Black Hat Inn” sign is by @harpergrayce. Following with this theme are the floating witch’s hats hanging from the ceiling using fishing wire and Command hooks. (via @a.little.love.designs)


15. Floating Witch Hats. A pair of skeletons guard the entry of this front porch, sourced from Home Depot. The spiders affixed on the wall are from @amazonhome. The front door features layered area mats, sourced from @tjmaxx. The light fixture is from IKEA. (via @leanne.zieglerdesign)


16. A Witch’s Cauldron. A large skeleton witch watches over a group of witches around a cauldron. All are illuminated when the sun goes down for a very spooky scene. Notice the skulls framing the front door? (via @dccitygirl)


17. DIY Halloween Witch. A trio of witches decorates the front yard of the Witch’s Inn. You can DIY these witches by using a tomato cage for the body, placed upside down. The head can either be styrofoam or a plastic pumpkin pail, inserted into the three prongs of the tomato cage. If you are using the pail, use twine (or black yarn) to fasten the handle to the tomato cage. For the dress, use either a large black garbage bag or black cheesecloth (found on Amazon). Twine, black yarn, or ribbon can be used to pull in the waist. Hot glue another pumpkin pail or round styrofoam to add for the head. Add a witch hat on top. For the arms, cut a strip of the garbage bag or cheesecloth to tie a knot in the middle and link them. (via @alyssalondynhome)


18. Skeleton In A Garden. If you have a garden bed, this is the perfect idea for a simple yet clever outdoor Halloween idea. Skeletons can be sourced from all sorts of stores, online on Amazon or from The Home Depot, Target, Michaels, and Halloween Superstores. Add a RIP gravestone and an “Enter If You Dare” sign to complete the look. (via @creaturedoom)


19. Spooky Manor Silhouette. Create an enchanting aesthetic on your front porch with just the right balance of spookiness and elegance. Lighted trees and branches help to illuminate your outdoor space while providing a touch of eeriness. Silhouettes cast a shadow on your wall to bring on the spooky season. (via @balsamhill)


20. Corrugated Ghosts Yard Art. This spooktacular fairy tale house features simple corrugated ghosts to bring in the spooky season. These could also be made out of cardboard or wood and some paint if you like to DIY. Add some lights to illuminate the ghosts when the sun goes down. (via @covermeinivy)


21. Happy Halloween. This budget-friendly Halloween decor is super spooky with the floating head hanging ghost and giant spider on the wall. Be sure to check out the provided link for a video of this Halloween decor when the wind is blowing! (via @missemmaedmonds)


22. Haunted House. This spooky house in New York features pumpkins, skeletons, spiders, mummies, and lots of cobwebs. (via @holidayseasoncheer)


23. The Skeleton Gardener. Greet your trick-or-treaters with this cool skeleton gardener. All you need for this simple Halloween project is a large skeleton, a wheelbarrow, and some pieces of a broken-up skeleton set in some dirt. (via @jillian.pare)


24. Chicken Wire Ghost. A ghoulish ghost has been made out of chicken wire with glow-in-the-dark paint, perfect for your Halloween yard decor. (via Chicken Wire Creations)


25. Skeletons Roasting Marshmallows. Create a skeleton party in your yard with a bunch of skeletons sitting on folding camping chairs. For the campfire, you will need some logs and string lights. Add several gravestones, ghosts hanging from the trees, and cobwebs for the finishing details. (via Donna M. Stewart on Facebook)


26. Glowing Ghosts. Attach some glowing ghosts to your fence, a shepherd’s hook, or hang them from your trees. All you need is an old sheet, pillowcase, or plastic table cover from a party store. Add faces onto your ghosts with a black sharpie, black duct tape, or adhesive vinyl from Dollar Tree. For the head, you can use paper lanterns from the Dollar Store or bell cloches. Add string lights (consider remote control for ease of use) to the inside to make them cast a glow.  (via @plaidpumpkin)

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