Charming small apartment in Gothenburg with unique details

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Spotted on Alvhem, this charming small apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden, combines a wonderful cozy accommodation with well-preserved, century-old details and unique qualities. With a great sense of style, this is a home that is second to none. The 688-square-foot apartment has been carefully restored, cared for and decorated, and the result is preserved charm combined with modern solutions. The building is located on high on the crest of the hill, offering magnificent views out of this second floor apartment.

The floor plan offers three rooms in a row with the kitchen at one end, a large living room with fireplace in the middle and on the opposing side, a spacious bedroom with fantastic storage. From the living room you also have French doors that leads out to a spacious balcony with city views. The original charm of the last century is preserved in the form of beautiful high ceilings with heavy stucco, fine profiled moldings, deep window niches, mirror doors and original fireplace.

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The living room is located next to the kitchen, offering a bright and airy space with cozy furnishings. There are plenty of preserved details, including high ceilings, stucco, ceiling rose, high foot rail, mirrored doors and a non-working tiled stove. An accent wall was painted in a beautiful shade of green, helping to highlight the moldings, stucco and windows. Lavish power sockets and dimmers from Eljo Renova. The floor consists of charming original flooring, with a glaze finish in a light gray tone. This radiant space gets plenty of light thanks to a large windows and a glazed balcony door.

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What We Love: This charming small apartment is not only bright and airy, but feels extremely cozy and spacious in spite of its size. A well thought out floor plan flows seamlessly from one room to the next. The design allows for the bedroom to feel private and closed off from the social spaces. Preserved details throughout the home gives this apartment the extra charm it needs to make it very livable.

Readers, what do you think, could you live in this small, yet spacious feeling apartment?

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Above: This charming small apartment offers a spacious balcony overlooking the city below. A cozy little oasis with plants and fresh air, all your own!

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Above: Turn left into the hallway and you reach the kitchen which was renovated a few years ago. Styled in a modern design, this spacious area features a light color scheme with white bevelled tiles and cream colored kitchen cabinets. The countertop of gray limestone from Portugal breaks beautifully against all the white. Finely profiled moldings, deep window bays and a beautiful mirror door are reminiscent of a bygone era. On the floor is the original hardwood with a glaze finish in light gray tone. A large south facing window brings in plenty of natural light. There is plenty of room for both cooking, dining and socializing.

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Above: A little apart from the social areas, is the harmonious bedroom. A large room with space for a double bed, wardrobe and desk. There is plenty of storage options through a wall of closets with different storage variations. Behind all of four extra-wide double wardrobes with white profiled doors is space for all your clothes and shoes. There are plenty of original features showcased in this space: high ceilings, stucco, ceiling rose, high skirting, deep window niches and beautiful plank floors. Light gray walls are broken up by a dramatic dark blue accent wall. Two large south facing windows bathes the room with natural light.

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Above: There is even room for a small office desk in the bedroom of this charming small apartment.

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Above: A stylish and modern bathroom offers timeless materials through the tiled walls in white and light beige tile on the floor. The shower enclosure features a glass wall, while the sink rests on a white gloss bathroom cabinet. In the ceiling a recessed light spotlights with dimmer function.

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