An irresistibly charming studio apartment in Gothenburg

Scandinavian-Studio-Apartment-01-1 Kindesign

Spotted on Alvhem, this bright and charming small studio apartment of just 441 square feet (41 square meters) is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Upon entryway into the apartment, you immediately feel a sense of welcoming and coziness. The walls are an off-white shade and beckons you inside, while a single wall is painted graphite, setting a nice contrast to the light wood plank flooring. From the hallway you are led straight into a newly renovated kitchen that features double doors of glass, leading out to a sunny balcony. The glazed doors creates a seamless connections between indoors and out and the balcony becomes an extension of the kitchen. Generous natural light makes this kitchen unusually bright. The kitchen has a floral wallpapered feature wall in a blue-gray tone, making it feel inviting and airy. A single wall of cabinetry keeps the space open for fluidity of movement and a small breakfast nook invites easy dining in the kitchen. The layout of the small home is very functional, with the kitchen on one side, with a hall creating a nice separation from the living room/bedroom. The living room features expansive windows that looks down to the city below. A pony wall divides the bedroom from the living room and can be used to leave books or other accessories on top. High ceilings makes this small apartment feel more spacious and bright.

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Original features were preserved in this home, including high base boards, crown moldings and other beautiful details. There is also a combined walk-in closet and workspace in the living room, with high ceilings allowing for functional storage. Directly adjacent to the hallway is a nicely sized bathroom, with freshly tiled walls in a light gray tone and shelving for storing spare towels and other bathroom paraphernalia.

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