Spectacular small apartment in Sweden with an amazing layout

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This beautiful turn of the century apartment offers plenty of charm and luminosity, located in the  Linnéstaden neighborhood of Gothenburg, Sweden. Spotted on Alvhem, this 700 square foot (65 square meters) home features preserved details such as hardwood flooring throughout, crown moulding, ceiling medallions and high ceilings. Once you open the door into this lovely pad and the first thing you will notice is an inviting hallway that is the hub of this apartment, which means you can easily access all the rooms through it. The “encircling / continuous” floor plan provides an extra cozy feel. In the living room you are met by an immense space illuminated by natural light. Floor-to-ceiling glass french doors that leads out to a spacious wrought iron balcony adds to the luminosity, along with the light painted walls and wooden flooring. In winter, the balcony doors are kept closed, yet they help to blur the lines between inside and outside, without letting in the cold.

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The living room is perfect for socializing with great company, with the room’s ceiling framed by preserved crown moulding and a decorative ceiling rose in the middle. Next to the living room is the bedroom, separated by massive double mirrored doors. Transitioning into the bedroom, which can be accessed from the living room and hallway, you will notice a beautifully wallpapered feature wall that provides tranquility with its woodsy theme. We like how even though this home is small, its functional layout makes it feel cozy and spacious. What are your personal thoughts on the design of this project in Sweden?

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The elongated kitchen features a large window with views out onto the courtyard below. Features includes stainless steel appliances and a tiled backsplash of earthy hues, finished with crisp white walls. You will feel right at home in this cozy kitchen that is also equipped with a charming pantry, giving the chef extra storage! There is plenty of space for a dining table to host four guests right next to the window.

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The bathroom features tiled walls of rectangular tiles in a light brown tone with a border in chrome. A jacuzzi bath with shower offers a glass partition to avoid splashing.

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