Fresh and bright Scandinavian apartment with exceptional details

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This bright and airy Scandinavian apartment showcases soaring ceilings and beautiful design details, located in a quite area of Gothenburg, Sweden. The home encompassed a living space of 731 square feet (68 square meters), with an upper story of an additional 18 square meters. The flooring throughout the entire home features oak parquet, with the lower level featuring underfloor heating, perfect for chilly winters in Sweden. The atmosphere in this home is reminiscent of a New York or Barcelona style pad, very metropolitan. Upon entryway into this stylish home, you will notice a bright white staircase that takes center stage.  The lower level is comprised of an open plan living rom dining area and kitchen, where floor-to-ceiling windows illuminates the space in natural light. From the kitchen there is an exit onto a quiet part of the street where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and the sunshine! The upstairs mezzanine level features a spacious bedroom area, with enough room for a small work space or a reading space to curl up and enjoy a good book. The guardrails that surrounds the perimeter of this level feature glass, which helps to keep the space feeling bright. The closet and bathroom and located on the first level, adjacent to the staircase. There is even an attic space for extra storage making this apartment very efficient with lots of functional features to help you keep this space clutter-free!

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What do you think of this small apartment? What is your favorite feature? Ours is the cool mezzanine space, it really makes this apartment feel lofty and very metropolitan, love it! Looking for more cool Scandi apartments that we have featured here on 1 Kindesign in the Gothenburg area? Enjoy some eye candy: Luxurious Gothenburg loft with trendy New York vibe and Apartment in Kungshöjd showcases sleek Scandinavian design.

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Sliding glass doors in the living room offers additional storage and creates an illusion of a bigger space, not to mention it helps to reflect light.

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Photos: Alvhem

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