Apartment in Kungshöjd showcases sleek Scandinavian design

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This cozy and super charming apartment offers all the modern conveniences with a sleek Scandinavian design, located in Kungshöjd in Gothenberg, Sweden. The home offers an incredibly lovely character that makes a warm and strong impression on all guests. Throughout the apartment are finishes of painted white tiled floors and decorative moldings, while a rustic kitchen with bistro feel provides a modern and personal feel. Comprised of 430 square feet (40 square meters), this small home boasts efficient space utilization with dining for eight seated guests, living room with space for a sofa and armchair, large balcony and bedroom with space for a double bed as well as plenty of natural light.

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The welcoming kitchen that offers ample storage with doors painted in gray and adorned with classy handles in brass. The white-painted wooden floor that runs further into the apartment creaks a bit, creating a very homey apartment.

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The newly built balcony offers an additional living space, surrounded by an elegant railing of wrought iron and there is room for both dining chairs, tables and sun loungers.

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Kitchen and living room come together in an open floor plan on more than 20 square meters and the room is characterized by light, space and a social atmosphere. The high position facing east invites morning light and sky.

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The kitchen was renovated in 2012 and is furnished with a comfortable bistro feel. Kitchen interior in black is from Ikea and workspaces in the trendy Carrara marble. Instead of upper cabinets, open shelving provides plenty of storage and the absence of the cabinet provides a spacious feel. Above the workspaces are tiled in white tiles with dark gray fog and the kitchen is equipped with stainless steel cooker and dishwasher, both from Smeg, and a light blue refrigerator with retro design.

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Adjacent to the kitchen is a big dining table, often the gathering spot with friends and family. The living room can fit both sofa and armchair, and from the living room is the newly constructed balcony via fully glazed doors.

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The bathroom is decorated with tiled walls, equipped with sink, mirror lighting, shower and washer and dryer.

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Photos: Courtesy of Alvhem

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frederick joswick
4 years ago

love the apartment, bright and cheerful. CAN I BUY A PRINT OF THE MONKEYS?