See this amazing stone cottage in Oregon: Hobbit House at Dragonfly Knoll

hobbit house exterior

Archer & Buchanan Architecture has designed this enchanting getaway cottage in the spirit of a J.R.R. Tolkien Hobbit House, nestled on a sprawling 27-acre countryside property in Mosier, Oregon. The resulting project, the Hobbit House at Dragonfly Knoll, is positioned on the edge of a steep hillside with sweeping views over a serene pond framed by a lush woodland backdrop.

Entering this cozy cottage of just 1,200 square feet, one passes through a small entryway via a round Hobbit-scale door that opens into a cathedral-like timber framed living, dining, and cooking space. Nestled to one side, a bedroom, and bath offers a cozy respite, while on the opposing end, a human-scale door leads out to a garden retreat.

DESIGN DETAILS: ARCHITECT Archer & Buchanan Architecture BUILDER Butterfield Designs STONE MASON Michael Byrne Stonemasonry TIMBER FRAMING Canadian Timberframes

hobbit house exterior

The narrative woven by the Hobbit House at Dragonfly Knoll is one of true artistry, echoing the spirit of the Arts & Crafts movement and the evocative imagery penned by Tolkien himself. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the residence stands firm upon the foundation of structural timber framing, its exterior adorned with playfully intricate stonework. Crowning its form is a clay tile roof, sheltering within its eaves a series of mahogany windows with unique patterns.

hobbit house exterior

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hobbit house exterior window and wall detail

What We Love: This extraordinary hobbit house provides a unique living experience with impeccable attention to detail in its craftsmanship. From the moment you step foot through the round portal doorway, you are enchanted by the beautiful timber framing and intriguing details throughout. We are especially loving the cozy bednook for sleeping or curling up with a good book. There is so much to love about this storybook home… when can we come for a visit?

Tell Us: Would you spend the night in this hobbit house retreat? Let us know why or why not in the Comments below!

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hobbit house living room

Stepping inside the cottage, most of the interior selections were lovingly made by the homeowners, who tirelessly pursued their vision. With unwavering commitment, they sought out finishes and fixtures, collaborated with artisans, and even took on the personal task of conceiving and crafting a gracefully curved tile mosaic ceiling in the bathroom.

hobbit house back moon door

hobbit house back moon door at sunset

Above: This back moon door is magical at anytime, but especially at sunset!

hobbit house dining area

hobbit house rustic kitchen

hobbit house rustic kitchen

hobbit house rustic living room

hobbit house rustic living room fireplace

hobbit house rustic living room fireplace

hobbit house bookshelf detail

hobbit house comfortable sitting area

hobbit house interior entry

hobbit house reading nook

hobbit house mid-morning view out the front door

hobbit house cozy bednook

bedroom door to the great room

hobbit house door handle detail

bedroom door to the great room

bedroom sitting area, wooded view with pond

hobbit house bathroom

hobbit house bathroom

hobbit house bathroom with a walk in shower

hobbit house exterior

hobbit house garden door

hobbit house exterior view of the back moon door

hobbit house veranda overlooking the pond and forest

bedroom windows and barrel spa

hobbit house exterior at Christmas

PHOTOGRAPHER Jeff Amram Photography

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Diane z.
10 months ago

This home is one of a kind. To us it is like liquid gold. Such an amazing and wonderful home to live a beautiful life in. STUNNING

10 months ago

I love every detail of this adorable home! A true work of art!

Anneke Van de Laar
10 months ago

What a high level of craftmanship. Beautiful.

Stacey Purcell
10 months ago

I love everything about this gem!! Thanks for including this!

10 months ago

Adorable home and probably one of the highest cost per square foot of any of them on this website.

10 months ago

The pictures took a long time to load, but it was worth the wait!

10 months ago

Having been a vacation rental host for two houses, I can’t believe they are opening this work of art to guests. Many of our guests left no trace but there those who ripped doors off hinges, broke bathroom and sink faucets, chipped woodwork, and of course, broke things. Tourists also leave way more trash than we ever thought possible. I thank them for employing such amazing artisans!