Rustic-chic cottage connects with nature on Stoney Lake, Ontario

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A couple from Toronto transformed a regular cottage into a colorful, eclectic haven on Stoney Lake, on the eastern end of the Kawartha lakes region in Ontario, Canada. The original home was torn down and replaced with a new build that was efficiently designed for usage year-round. The property is an elevated, flat granite shelf with mature trees on a small, calm bay. The owners envisioned a tree house-like dwelling, simple yet authentic with soaring ceilings and plenty of natural light. The interiors are brimming with character, thanks to some clever handy work by the homeowners who are a network engineer and a marketing executive. In the living room, the goal was to bring the outdoors in with a wall of windows and natural furniture elements. Slip covered sofa adds a relaxed, comfortable feel to the space, mixed with a coffee table the homeowners designed themselves, comprised of hemlock. A hide rug and mid-century chairs adds a contemporary air to the space. An additonal natural feature in the space is a birch branch chandelier, a stunning focal point that  was also devised by the creative couple. Furnishings have a very collected yet rustic aesthetic. The finished result is relaxed cottage living, perfect for entertaining guests and enjoying nature and leaving the hustle and bustle of city life behind. Is this the type of vacation home you could spend some time in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, we love your feedback!

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The quilt hanging on the wall is a family heirloom that now adds warmth and comfort to the space.

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A bar tray table invites guests to help themselves during cocktail hour and fits in with the other wood elements that surround it.

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Decorative objects found throughout the home are family heirlooms or gifts from friends who have come to visit.

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The kitchen island is comprised of reclaimed fence boards from the homeowner’s parents place. It was built by the homeowner’s father and her husband.

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The homeowner’s decorated the open shelving in their kitchen in a non-traditional way. Instead of the typical dishes, they displayed oil paintings, vintage tins, a Maple Leaf syrup bottle and mugs from various Canadian provinces.

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This playful gallery wall showcases a clever re-purpose of old fishing lures, which have been attached to colorful paper and framed without glass. This was an ode to the husbands affinity for fishing.

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Fresh picked tomatoes from a local market, a wonderful perk to cottage life in this region.

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A guest bedroom features a colorful striped blanket that was picked up from Hudson’s Bay Company, a Canadian department store. The artwork is another crafty design by the homeowner’s, made with re-purposed greeting cards.

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The bathroom features a custom vanity comprised of rough-hewn, reclaimed beams from an old barn. A modern, free-standing sink sits atop the countertop, while a wall mounted faucet completes the look.

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This cozy deck is where the couple sits to soak in the sun and the surrounding natural environment, enjoying cottage country living.

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The homeowner’s wanted to keep the contemporary structure of the home respectful to its surroundings, so they selected a siding that was finished in a muddy gray hue.

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Photos: Donna Griffith for Style at Home

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