Treehouse sanctuary with unbelievable views over the Blue Mountains

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Have you ever dreamed of sleeping high up in the trees overlooking a spectacular private wilderness with nothing but the sounds of nature? Well now you can! The Secret Treehouse is nestled in 600 acres in the Blue Mountains of Bilpin, New South Wales, Australia. This secluded vacation rental will offer you a back-to-nature experience in luxury. The treehouse is nestled between two natural parks and a World Heritage listed rain forest. Relaxing high above a blanket of tree-tops, you will witness fabulous views over the Bowen’s Creek Gorge and the rainforest. This treehouse offers a romantic atmosphere for couples to enjoy a private, relaxing holiday. This one-of-a-kind cabin offers plenty of amenities to really luxuriate and enjoy your vacation. This includes a spa, kitchenette, Queen bed, fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows to connect with nature.

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This treehouse cabin is in a very desirable location offering its guests plenty of things to see and do. Not only will you enjoy your relaxing surroundings of the Blue Mountains, but you can also explore the great outdoors. Wollemi National Park is the largest wilderness area in New South Wales. The park offers canyons, cliffs and dense forests, part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

The Colo River Gorge is a highlight of the area, and one of the largest in the world other than the Grand Canyon. Star gazing is a favorite pastime, which you can enjoy right from your deck! There is also a Glow Worm Tunnel, part of an old railway system. If you love canoeing, you might want to check out Dunns Swamp. If mountain biking is your passion, there are plenty of trails to keep you busy… and lastly, you are just one hour away from Sydney!

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Note: If you are looking to stay here, there is one bedroom and one bathroom, allowing a maximum of two guests, priced at $768 per night. This accommodation is listed on Airbnb.

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What We Love: This private wilderness retreat offers a vacation high above the treetops, in an amazing treehouse for adults. We can now live out our childhood fantasies, with all the luxuries of home, but with views that will leave your mesmerized. There is so much to offer for anyone who loves nature and for those who love to be active. A quiet getaway for couples to reconnect, or a fantastic honeymoon spot, this is truly a one-of-a-kind retreat.

Readers, would you splurge and stay in this treehouse sanctuary? Let us know why or why not in the comments below.

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past tense
7 years ago

don’t know why this is listed on this blog; there is nothing particularly noteworthy about it other than for the fact that it’s an airbnb listing.