Whimsical treetop sanctuary on Crystal River

This incredible Crystal River Treehouse in Colorado was designed by architect Steve Novy of Green Line Architects and designer David Rasmussen Design. The owner asked the designers for a whimsical treetop sanctuary where his kids could indulge their artistic fantasies. Together they dreamed up a unique retreat that feels organic and playful, that could be for children and adults.

The treehouse design is free from the practical constraints that most buildings have, the structure does not have very many right angles. It does however borrow key design elements from the main house, such as similar rooflines, as well as some of the siding material. The arrangement of windows on one of the walls is similar to that of one of the windows in the main house. The architects wanted to keep the design of both the main house and the treehouse somewhat similar to seem like they are brothers or cousins.

Most of the materials used in the design of the 230 square foot treehouse are reclaimed and local. The exterior facade is clad with a rough-sawn cedar from a local mill, meaning less processed, greener and a little less polished, perfect for a home in the branches. The structure is not supported by any trees on the property (none were structurally sound enough), so the architects created “tree-like supporting posts” which rest on helical pier foundations which have been carefully designed to mesh with the surrounding trees’ root structures. No one resides in the treehouse year-round, though all the walls are insulated and it does sport a wood stove to keep the space warm and cozy.

This is how the interior of the treehouse looked before Robyn Scott Interiors played up the structure’s exceptional design with art and designer furnishings that adds balance to the space’s organic style.

Photos:  Brent Moss Photography

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