Magical treehouse within a fairytale garden

This magical treehouse above San Francisco Bay in Burlingame, California is owned and built by Doug and Linda Studebaker and their family. Perched above a quiet urban forested canyon, the treehouse is perched in a stately California Coast Live Oak and surrounded by Redwoods, Fir, Oak and Birch trees. With French doors, stained glass and other tasteful, yet whimsical appointments, this romantic nest will make the perfect holiday retreat. Enjoy candle-light dinners, fully duvets/pillows and passive, eco-friendly heating. There is one small bed on a raised lower level and a large sleeping loft above. Simple, rustic and comfortable, the treehouse is full of heirloom pieces like a patchwork quilt and a rescued vintage chandelier. The wrap-around porch with comfortable chairs features panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay. There is private access to an adjacent indoor bath, shower and kitchenette on the lower level of a family log cabin home. There is also an organic vegetable/herb garden, greenhouse and chicken coop in the backyard. Continental breakfast is served every morning with fruits, breads, coffee/tea and fresh organic hard-boiled eggs.

Get in touch with your “inner child”, to stay at this heavenly retreat, prices start at $175 per night or $1,175 per week, from here.

Vintage windows, some with stained glass and salvaged French doors make the structure feel more like a home.

A down-filled duvet, vintage trunks, quilts and pillows add to the space’s cozy ambiance.

The tree house features cozy quilts, vintage furnishings, warm rugs and whimsical accessories.

The tree’s long limbs wind their way through the interior.

Continental breakfast is served every morning in the main house.

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