Opulent French-chateau inspired castle in Austin

Malinard Manor is a luxurious dream home situated in Austin, Texas, designed by Cravotta Interiors. This spectacular project took six years to complete, with a castle-like interior and impeccable detailing that is out of this world. The architect designed this dream home for a retired couple with a rather large budget and extraordinary ideas. The inspiration for the decor and finishes of this dream home required research into Tudor, Jacobean and Gothic architectural styles, as well as incorporating the client’s love for dark and macabre theater. This luxurious home displays remarkable artisanship and historical design in every detail. Every piece of woodwork and stonework was drawn out and created by skilled artisans. The furnishings are a mixture of custom pieces that were designed by the architect, as well as European antiques and a few pieces brought in from high-end manufacturers. The bar sits on the upper level and was inspired by post-Renaissance and Gothic periods. The home’s light fixtures were hand-picked, a combination of antique fixtures and the architects own designs, if he couldn’t find it, he had it made.

An upstairs bar with a balcony looks down over the kitchen and adjoining family room.

The limestone fireplace took a year to complete; the stone was given a unique aged look with olive oil, applied by hand.

French limestone was used for the countertops and backsplash, while the cabinetry is solid walnut.

One of three individually climate controlled wine bays within the cellar.

A cellar at the bottom of the house holds the couple’s impressive wine collection.

Detail of leather flooring.

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ronald lacsina
1 year ago

looks cool and creepy.