School house converted into fabulous family home

Designer and calligrapher Ylva Sharp has renovated a former school from 1901 in Hjortnäs outside of Leksand, Sweden. The talented designer sells her letter arts on everything from pillows to ceramics with dealers all over the world. The family’s old 3,336 square foot (310 square meters) school house at Lake Siljan is the personal adornment of the designer. Purchased back in 2003, the family of four moved to the country to renovate this fabulous family home. The designer stated that the school was in used up to the 1940s but when the family bought the farm in no longer had the charm of the last century. It was not love at first sight, all the rooms were dark but the designer saw the potential the school house had.

During the renovation, a few walls were demolished to generate a spacious open floor plan kitchen and dining room with generous visiting surfaces as well as newly renovated bathrooms. The school hall has become a cozy living room; a beautiful window has become a fine room divider with a television cover half a step up. Big windows create views towards Lake Silijan and makes the home brighter where nature outside feels present from inside the home. Starting from the pleasant entrance, heading on to the front hall stairway to the kitchen, dining room, office, living room, games room, guest rooms, bathrooms and laundry room, the home feels very spacious.

Upstairs brings you to the two children’s rooms, the parent’s bedroom and the master bathroom. The decor is currently in calm hues of white, gray and black as a base. The designer likes to change and renew her home with the seasons, replacing textiles, paint on a piece of furniture and take in the season’s crops. Christmas starts early for this family, the designer has a small Christmas collection of cards, labels, gift wrap, Christmas pendants in plexi-glass, all decorated with beautiful letter art. The family decorates with decorations from nature such as spruce, cones and twigs, grouping adornments and decorations to give a quieter impression. The designer’s studio and shop are on her conveniently on her property. Via

Coffee tables on wheels are made of pallets, the old Triplex lamp came with the house.

The old wood stove with fireplace was set during the renovation and has become the heart of the kitchen.

The front door is matte black on the outside and high gloss black on the inside. Lamps light up and creates the atmosphere.

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