Tropical Tree House Lodge in Costa Rica

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On the Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica you’ll find the jewel Tree House Lodge in the Gandoca Manzanillo Refuge. The complex is located on a 10 acre ocean front property in the famous Punta Uva beach, just south of Puerto Viejo in the province of Limon. This beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Total privacy, a natural tranquil atmosphere, and full relaxation are keywords for the time you will spend at the tree house. With your own beach access and 300 meter private beach front, you won’t have to meet anybody else during your stay at this romantic hideaway. They have a one of a kind botanical garden boasting over 50 different palm trees, and the largest Heliconia collection in the area attracting many exotic birds.

The Tree House, built on tall stilts, is a back-to-your-childhood house submerged by forest, with a sloped wooden suspension bridge leading steeply to its front door. Inside it’s split level: upstairs, has a bed and a small en-suite bathroom; downstairs, are two more bedrooms and a kitchen. All of the furniture is hand carved sustainable wood, windows are open but screened against bugs, while scarlet Birds of Paradise flowers provide splashes of color. The shared bathroom is on ground level where there is a fabulous 100-year-old Sangrillo tree which shelters a toilet in one trunk fold, an outdoor shower in another and a mirror is framed with seashells.

Rooms start at $200 per night (without taxes and fees) based on two people staying together, from here.

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