28 Welcoming fall-inspired entryway decorating ideas

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Make a great first impression with your guests by adding a fall-inspired touch to your entryway. It is the perfect spot in your home to change with the seasons, as guests are welcomed into your home you want it to look both beautiful and inviting. There is typically not a lot of space in the entryway, so you will only need to add a few eye-catching pieces to create a charming and inviting aesthetic.

Be sure to add a practical element such as a console table or a bench, as this will be the first stop when entering the home. So elevate the seasonal feel to your entryway with our inspiring collection of warm fall arrangements that are natural and elegant. Enjoy! Readers, when do you start decorating your home for the fall season? What elements do you add to your entryway? Share with us in the comments below!

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1. This 1800’s farmhouse was styled with cozy accessories from BirchLane. Infusing fall into the mix, is a basket full of pumpkins, candles, a throw and some pillows. For your own home, pillows at the front entry can be changed with the seasons. Retailers such as Pier 1 and Pottery Barn have some fantastic seasonal pillows! (via Liz Marie Blog)

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2. Lots of pumpkins and chalkboard art decorates this entry foyer to invite fall inside. The nice thing about a DIY chalkboard, you can transition it to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., just by erasing and creating a new chalk theme. The pumpkins can stay out from September through to November. A picture frame can also be changed out with the seasons to display a new theme. If you want this one, you can get it for free from here: Fall Subway Art printable. (via How to Nest for Less)

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3. A bench is decorated for fall with decorated pillows, fabric pumpkins and a large wooden pumpkin adding a rustic touch to the space. (via Thedowntownaly)

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4. In this cozy entryway, the pillows on the bench were sourced from Pottery Barn, while the orange flowers are from Michaels. (via Home by Heidi)

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5. A church pew is decorated with fall accents, while a shelf above features a large pumpkin and chalkboard sign welcoming in the fall harvest. (via Linenandivory)

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6. If you are limited on time or budget, just add a few simple pumpkins to your entryway to announce the autumn season. (via Chelette’s Decor and More)

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7. Decorate your entryway with pumpkins, ghouls and goblins, creating a stylish space that will take you right through to Halloween. (via Pottery Barn)

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8. A console table sourced from World Market at the front entryway is decorated top to bottom with fall accents. A basket on the floor is filled with pillows and a throw, while rain boots are filled with bittersweet. The bittersweet is also added into a galvanized container, adding soft burnt oranges into the scheme. Candles, pumpkins, a wooden bowl filled with decorative accents… and a chair flanking the table also gets some festive flair. (via Stone Gable Blog)

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9. A console table is highlighted with a DIY sign for fall. It consists of a repurposed mirror and a board that was part of a bench of an old school desk. The blogger used a pre-made vinyl stencil, and used chalk paint and a sponge brush to dab on the paint. Get step-by-step directions at the included link. (via House by Hoff)

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10. To cozy this space up for fall, this blogger added lots of soft, neutral pillows, a pretty fall wreath, and a Roberts milk crate with her favorite white pumpkins and some birch logs. She suggests adding natural elements into your decor to infuse fall into you home! (via The Grace House)

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11. Some simple decorating at your entry can include a console table decorated with some autumn accessories. This includes mercury vases, pumpkins, a basket with a throw and candles. All of the accessories were found at Marshall’s and HomeGoods. The Agate wall art is perfect for this space, as it is full of Fall colors! (via Crazy Chic Design)

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12. A small entry space takes full advantage of all available space with a functional piece of furniture to store outdoor gear. Adding to the fall theme is some small decorations such as the basket (from Michaels) with a throw, antlers, a pumpkin and a pumpkin pillow (Target). An autumn sign (purchased at Painted Farmgirl) hangs from one of the hooks sourced from World Market. (via Liz Marie Blog)

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13. This fall-inspired vignette features a DIY Song Lyric Sign that you can get the instructions to make yourself by following the link we have included. Adding to the overall decor, some Hunter rain boots, a pumpkin and vases filled with dried floral in autumnal hues. (via House by Hoff)

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14. This fall entry bench features fabric filled pumpkins, fall-inspired pillows and a basket full of faux pumpkins, dried florals and a throw! (via Thedowntownaly)

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15. An entry table is filled with faux leaves, stacked books, a lantern with a candle, a wreath on a repurposed old window. Below the table is an old blue chest filled with faux pumpkins. (via The Farmhouse Porch)

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16. Copy this look for your entry space! A custom reclaimed barnwood table is filled with charming fall-themed decor, including baskets of throw and pillows, faux pumpkins, a lantern and a pumpkin patch sign (Decor Sources: Target & Etsy). (via Sugarcreekcraftsmen)

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17. Decorate a console table next to or across from your front door with a Hot Apple Cider theme to greet your guests. All you need are some cups, cinnamon sticks in a jar, a chalk board display and when guests arrive, some freshly brewed cider! (via At The Picket Fence)

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18. This rustic farmhouse entryway features a church pew decorated with fall-inspired accents. Loving the chalkboard sign, “Leaves are Falling, Autumn is Calling”. (via Nellyfriedel)

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19. You may prefer to decorate for Halloween instead of transitioning from fall to Halloween. Or you can slowly add on, starting with the pumpkins and add some spooky elements at the beginning of October. (via The Fancy Shack)

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20. At this home’s entry, a mix of real and faux pumpkins line the staircase along with a few lanterns and fall foliage. The mums are real while the wheat stalks are not! Mixing natural elements with faux helps to keep your holiday decor more budget-friendly. You can bring in your stored holiday decor year after year and mix it up with a few fresh items. (via The Other Side of Neutral)

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21. A rustic entryway infused with fall accessories, including a galvanized bucket full of pumpkins, wreaths, a fall sign and farmhouse decor. (via Pinterest)

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22. Add a taste of fall with some faux cotton stems in a vase, adding texture and movement to your space. The moss wreath on the door is a DIY, get the complete instructions by following the link we have provided. (via Little House of Four)

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23. This coastal home features simple faux pumpkins in varying sizes adds some quick holiday style to the entry. Loving the glass vase filled with corks and faux feathered branches for texture. A throw adds cozy warmth to the space. (via Sand & Sisal)

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24. Add some quick updates to your entryway for fall by decorating a console table. A table lamp adds accent lighting, while a pair of pumpkins sets the fall mood. A large floor vase filled with an arrangement of LED branches adds ambiance. The sunflower print adds a decorative accent to the wall. (via Country Door)

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25. A farmhouse style entry features a church pew decorated with faux pumpkins and pillows. Wall hooks are embellished with a cotton wreath and a plaid throw. A shelf above features decorative accessories, greenery and some antlers. (via Pinterest)

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26. A galvanized metal windmill clock on the wall adds a rustic touch to this cozy farmhouse fall decorated entryway. On the console table, wooden wire baskets are filled with pillows, throws and pinecones. A vase filled with faux cotton stems adds to the decor, as does a large pumpkin. (via Hobby Lobby)

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27. This entryway console table features just a few fall touches to bring in the festive feel. A “Thankful” sign, a few small pumpkins, a basket with a throw, a candle and some dried florals. (via Rustic Pig Designs)

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28. We are just loving the farmhouse aesthetic, it is so warm and cozy and perfect for fall decorating. This space features pumpkins, a wreath and some reclaimed pieces to bring in the rustic. (via Yellow Prairie Interiors)

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Isabelle Andrews
6 years ago

Lovely ideas for fall decoration! It’s my favourite season, and I love using leaves and dried flowers for decorating the house. I often make simple, hand-tied bouquets of wild flowers during the summer, dry them and often add to my fall centerpieces. Those match perfectly with the small pumpkins I use.