Charming riverside cottage nestled in the fairytale village of Eardisland, UK

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Hollyhocks is a luxurious riverside cottage available for self-catering holidays, set in the countryside of Leominster, a market town in Herefordshire, England. This unique escape is nestled on the banks of the river Arrow in the old-world village of Eardisland. This region is considered as the most picturesque in the whole of Herefordshire. Beautiful landscaping surrounds the house from lush gardens to an exclusive riverfront setting.

The home itself is steeped in history, “constructed before the last battle of The War of The Roses in 1461, it is believed to be the last resting place for Henry VI’s knights – their red rose paintings still displayed in the dining room today,” states Unique Home Stays. “The 1920s saw The Twinings Tea family take ownership of the house following a fire in the great hall during Victorian times; they laid the parquet floor for their daughter’s wedding.

The Details: This charming cottage sleeps up to six guests (ideally four adults and two children). You can stay here anywhere from three nights to a whole week. Prices range from two guests to a maximum of six guests: $1,005 – $1,591.

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Above: Truss ceilings and exposed oak beams adds to the charm of this country cottage.

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Above: Relax and enjoy festive evenings snuggled up on the comfortable furnishings next to a crackling open fire.

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Above: A vintage-industrial style kitchen boasts original parquet flooring dating back to the 20s, adding character to the cottage.

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What We Love: This riverside cottage features beautiful preserved details and unique handcrafted pieces mixed with vintage and industrial elements. With a pitched truss, wooden beams and a gorgeous stone fireplace in the great room, this home offers a cozy escape for a vacation. The tranquil riverside setting only adds to this exquisite cottage, we are loving every detail!

Readers, what are your thoughts, would this home be an ideal vacation retreat for you and your family? Please let us know in the comments below!

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Above: The bathroom delightfully combines flagstone floors and contemporary details.

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Above: Throughout the interiors you will find chalky vintage style mixed with industrial elements and original features.

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Above: From the outside, a Tudor timber-frame exterior welcomes guests to this charming country cottage.

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Photos: Courtesy of Unique Home Stays

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Hattie Warren
6 years ago

Please can somebody email me with regards to our property Hollyhocks. Many thanks and look forward to speaking more – thanks for featuring!