A modern farmhouse with industrial-chic styling in Boise

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Created with the intention of comfortable and relaxed interiors, this modern farmhouse has been designed by Judith Balis Interiors, located in Boise, Idaho. This particular home was designed as a model to showcase for a builder in the area, created with a mix of designer and budget-friendly interiors.

In the living room, an Ikea sofa is mixed with pillows from Target, a wicker bench from Home Goods, a designer coffee table with metal legs and a wood top from Dovetail Furniture (mainly to the Trade as well as wholesale distributed), and a side table from Cost Plus World Market.

The fireplace is the focal point of this cozy space, with a surround comprised of honed slate. A mirror above the fireplace was custom-designed and can be sourced from here. Built-in book shelves flank either side of the fireplace, creating not only symmetry, but plenty of functional space to house books and decorative items to add personality and create a lived-in look.

The wall above the fireplace features MDF with spacers, painted in a warm white that balances well with the more nice mix of textures, fabrics and furnishings. Touches of green in the decor adds color and a hint of nature, creating a nice overall balance. This home was designed for the 2012 Boise Spring Parade of Homes, which is showcase of newly built homes in the area by the regions finest in the building industry.

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What We Love: Comfortable and livable spaces that are warm and inviting with cozy decor that really pulls the spaces together. The mix of budget and designer finds creates a great aesthetic that is not only a treat for the eyes but also for the wallet! So stylish and chic… what do you think, could you find yourself living in this home?

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The cozy living room looks into the kitchen and dining room, with an open and airy layout that has a great connection where the designer has tied the spaces together with the layering of textures and materials.

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The rectangular dining table that was sourced from Dovetail Furnishings is the perfect size for entertaining, conveniently located next to the kitchen. Wishbone chairs provide stylish seating, while a Ballard Design light fixture offers nice ambient lighting. Pendant lights over the kitchen island help to illuminate the space creating great task lighting for prep work and cooking. The industrial-style bar stools in front of the island were picked up at Cost Plus, the round wood tops and metal legs are in harmony with other furnishings from the dining and living areas.

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The media room features a great industrial vibe with pallets stacked under the television and an exposed brick wall. The lamps are another budget-friendly find, sourced from Home Goods… an awesome find! The tall table and bar chairs were another fabulous find from Cost Plus. The sectional sofa was designer sourced and mixes really well with all of the other furnishings and decor in this space. The animal skin area rug really helps to ground the furniture arrangement, adding texture and a softness underfoot.

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A built-in bar features custom cabinets and an accent wall that you can copy by visiting your local Home Depot and picking up a can of Behr paint! (Tip: follow the link to get the color information for the wall)

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Modern Farmhouse-Judith Balis Interiors-14-1 Kindesign

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The entryway features a more high industrial style with a custom-designed console table from here, the cool lamp is one of many great finds at Cost Plus and the painting is another budget-friendly find from the retail store Fred Meyer.

Photos: Courtesy of Judith Balis Interiors

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