Design File: Bring the style of Mexico into your home

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If you’ve ever been Mexico, you know firsthand that it is a place unlike any other. Countless generations of visitors have been inspired by this country’s vibrant culture, rich history and deep appreciation for creative artistry and design. While most of us cannot live in Mexico year-round, we all have the ability to create a Spanish-style space of tranquility and beauty right in our own homes. All it takes is a little know-how and a few good pieces in each room to make you feel like you’re back in Mexico once again.

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Before we dive in, let’s review the three interweaving Spanish styles commonly followed by home designers today: Hacienda, Spanish Colonial, and Spanish Revival. Hacienda is the Old World style of design originally found in the country estates of Mexico’s upper class. The homes worked in harmony with nature, utilizing adobe walls, stucco exteriors, tall archways and an open floor plan to keep the house cool. Spanish Colonial began to flourish at the end of the Spanish Conquistadores, and features red tile roofs, wood beam accents, and beautiful enclosed courtyards, patios, and porches. Spanish Revival, also known as Spanish Eclectic, was made popular during the early- to mid-1900s, and particularly encourages intricate design details, such as customized tile work, ornate wrought iron elements, and ornamental entranceways. Borrowing from each of these overlapping styles will give your home its own unique flavor.

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Start with the right flooring.

Authentic Mexican tiles add warmth and ambiance to any space, from a cozy Hacienda- style family room to a breathtaking Spanish Colonial-style poolside patio. These tiles come at an affordable cost and yield a high return on décor, being both lovely and long lasting. The most popular type of floor tile is Saltillo Tile, also known as Terra Cotta Flooring or Spanish Tile. These tiles are handmade in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for easy customization. No two tiles are exactly alike, adding to their rustic charm. Rustico Tile and Stone offers three finishes of Saltillo Tile: Traditional Saltillo, Manganese Saltillo, and Antique Saltillo. Colors vary from terra cotta reds, oranges and browns, to gold, cream, and gray.

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In order to choose the tile that will best complement your space, think about how it looks right now. Is it a neutral area that will benefit from a stark color contrast? Will the current décor integrate well with a terra cotta hue? If so, traditional Saltillo Tile is an excellent choice.

Does your home have a lot of bright colors already? In that case, you may want to choose a tile that won’t clash, such as Manganese Saltillo, which can be either a light or dark shade of neutral color.

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Do you feel as if you have a lot of modern elements in your home, and need something that adds vintage appeal? Antique Saltillo Tile’s textured appearance and earthy hue is the perfect way to combine New and Old World style. Since Antique Terra Cotta is sealed, it will not become slippery when wet, making it a top choice for outdoor patios and poolside walkways.

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Find furniture that stands out

Choose rustic furniture to lend Spanish style to your space. Try a variety of pieces to achieve a unique look, such as an antique kitchen table that offsets brightly colored Traditional Saltillo tiles, or a filigreed dark wood dresser that stands out against a muted shade of Terra Cotta. If you’re working with a grand space, accentuate with large-eye- catching pieces, and if you have an Old World room that needs a modern touch, add metallic furniture to give it an edge. As you go, consider one piece that can act as a focal point that draws the eye– maybe a particularly intriguing end table or old-fashioned chair. Keep in mind that different types of textures, colors, and finishes will only enhance the beauty of your space, so enjoy experimenting.

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Invite the vibrant colors of Mexico into your home

Remember how much you loved the bright hues that surrounded you when you stayed in Mexico? Now it’s time to incorporate some of those colors in your own home. An authentic Spanish-style room needs a splash of brightness to make it come to life, and
tapping into the Hacienda and Spanish Colonial style will help you greatly in this regard. Try encaustic-style cement tiles for flooring or walls, paint one or all of a room’s walls in an Old World hue, or include some Mexican talavera pottery for an added pop.

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Channel your Spanish Revivalist: it’s time to get decorative

For a truly breathtaking Spanish theme, try Rustico’s hand painted Talavera Tiles: these versatile pieces come in many different colors and can be arranged in infinite designs. Create an ornate mural for your wall, decorate your entranceways, or make a bold statement by tiling your stair runners in a stunning pattern. Transform your bathroom into a place of splendor and repose by installing Talavera Tiles on the walls or in the shower enclosure. The possibilities are endless.

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Light up your space

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any room, particularly when it comes to Spanish-style décor. One popular option that looks great in most any space is a chunky iron light fixture. Try single or double-bulb sconces along the walls, and opt for a wrought iron chandelier over the center of the room. Copper fixtures look particularly pleasing with copper sinks in a kitchen or bathroom. In rooms with low lighting, hang several fixtures in a linear pattern for a creative ambiance. If you have a lot of vintage elements in a room already, contrast with modern iron chandeliers that have glass or crystal designs. And don’t forget about the outdoors: Hacienda-style lanterns look exquisite on either side of a wooden front door, or along a walkway or outdoor patio.

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Spanish-style homes are a unique reflection of the beauty, creativity, and passion of their inhabitants. Enjoy the journey of making your home the best it can be, and contact Rustico Tile and Stone for the authentic Mexican products you need to make your home renovation dreams a reality.

(Note: This post was sponsored and graciously written by Rustico Tile and Stone.)

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