Modern concrete and glass duplex in Madrid

Steel, concrete, glass and travertine are four materials combined in this duplex home in the financial heart of Madrid, Spain. Designed by architecture studio Bueso-Inchausti & Rein, the materials define the volumes that make up the house and at the same time create an intentional play of lights and shadows. The old building was partially restructured, which formerly hosted offices, to turn it into a modern residential estate. The original structure has been preserved and on it a set composed of eight houses has risen. One of them is this duplex, which enjoys an extra outdoor area with garden and swimming pool, both for private enjoyment.

The project called for a home that would be timeless, incorporating brilliant design solutions and excellent architectural craftsmenship. Special attention was given to finishes such as travertine covered on the walls. The open plan living room overlooks the garden and integrates it into the indoors by way of glass sliding doors, offering an enviable panoramic view. This transparency is evident with the treatment of polished Zimbabwe black granite flooring, reflecting volume, light and, ultimately, the result of a good project.

Visit the website of architecture studio Bueso-Inchausti & Rein here.

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