Charming mediterranean farmhouse retreat in Provence

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Le Mas de Foussargues is a beautiful mediterranean farmhouse that is available as a vacation rental, located in Provence, south of a quiet and picturesque hamlet just outside of Uzès, France. An idyllic place to stay with family or friends for a relaxing, luxurious vacation, this spacious home offers eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms. There is a large kitchen if you wish to cook your own meals (assistance is available to hire a professional chef or caterer) with an expansive dining table and a cozy living room with a fireplace and media center. The property is surrounded by lushly landscaped gardens planted with centuries old olive trees, complete with two beautiful infinity swimming pools, one is a lap pool and the other a free-form pool. The sumptuous outdoor living spaces are guaranteed to offer you exceptional solitude so you may have a wonderful holiday experience. There are also two shady pergolas located within the vicinity of the house to allow you to dine al fresco. This charming farmhouse was constructed with all the modern comforts to accommodate your every desire, ideally designed for large family gathering, small weddings, reunions and other events.

This stunning mediterranean farmhouse hosts anywhere from 2 to 16 people, with rates starting at $1,281 / night, from here.

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This wonderful holiday retreat also offers visitors plenty of fabulous outdoor activities to keep you busy, such as cycling, golf, canoeing, climbing, visiting vineyards, truffle growing, archeology (Nîmes Ancient Theatre, Orange, Pont du Gard) and many other secret treasures that await when you go for a visit! At this wonderful holiday home, every detail counts, the owners have given great attention to all facilities of the home, that combines features and charms to make your time spent at Le Mas de Foussargues… more pleasant.

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What We Love: This picturesque mediterranean farmhouse offers a traveler the opportunity to rent a relaxing home to spend time with family and friends in a rural area of Provence. With beautiful surroundings and not one but two swimming pools for both exercise and play, they are plenty of activities to pass away your time in this idyllic setting. We have one word for this amazing holiday home… heavenly! What do you guys think, would you stay here on your next vacation getaway?

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