Picturesque Montana farmhouse with an attached barn

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A stunning farmhouse designed to respect the agricultural heritage of its surroundings by Locati Architects & Interiors, is nestled below Ross Peak, in the small community of Springhill, Montana. The architects took cues from the vernacular architecture to construct a residence with a traditional farmhouse aesthetic, creating an exceptional modern footprint. 

A gothic barn located in close proximity to the house helps to lend an identity to the property that is in keeping with the Springhill heritage. The homeowners were originally from Houston, Texas, looking to build a new life for themselves in this 130 residence community.

They requested a farmhouse, one that would blend into its locale while at the same time maximizing the footprint to soak in the views of nearby Ross Peak. The home also needed to be manageable when the couple does not have guests staying with them. The appearance from the exterior of the residence looks like a series of structures that have been collected over quite some time.

The facade siding is a mix of stacked stone, timber, and log-and-chink, while the roof alternates between wooden shingles and galvanized metal. All the materials are reclaimed from the old homesteads that were located nearby.

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From the interiors, there is a seamless connection between indoors and out through the use of extensive glazing. From the outside, the home appears as a two-story farmhouse, but instead you will find yourself in a great room with soaring ceilings and epic views of Ross Peak. The views are framed by expansive windows, which was the focus of this project. The designers created a harmonious flow from one space to the next, from an open concept kitchen to the great room and enclosed porch to an outdoor patio that is partially shaded by a deep overhang from the barn’s roof. There are a total of six bedroom dispersed throughout the interiors, allowing for privacy for both the homeowners and their guests.

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What We Love: This amazing farmhouse in Montana captivates the soul, surrounded by a rugged beauty that is perfect for anyone who is a nature lover. The attached barn that ties into the heritage of the community is a nice touch and really adds to the aesthetic beauty of the house. We especially love the way the mountains frame the background of the home so magnificently. How about you, would this be your idea of a dream home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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This sprawling property features two bridges and a pond in a natural basin that is surrounded by aspen trees. A peaceful countryside setting to enjoy outdoor activities of hiking and fishing and picnics by the meadow… sounds delightful doesn’t it?

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The living room features cathedral ceilings, a floor-to-ceiling stacked stone fireplace and large picture windows that captures the essence of Ross Peak, truly breathtaking.

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A spacious outdoor patio connects the main residence to the barn, which plays host to a recreation room located downstairs, while two guest bedroom suites occupy the upper level (one of them features built-in bunk beds for the couple’s grandsons as well as a loft space that is accessible via a ladder).

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Photos: Roger Wade

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Robert Garthwaire
1 year ago

Enthralled by the house and multiple stone stacks. Now to just figure out where to gather the boatload of money to build it!

2 years ago

Absolutely wonderful. Would have liked more close ups on kitchen. Delightful