Cliff house buried in the mountain off the Granada coast

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This ingenious home designed by GilBartolome Architecture showcases organic forms with zinc roofs extending out to the sea, located in Salobreña a town on the Granada coast, Spain. Aptly named ‘Casa Acantilado’ or ‘cliff house’, the structure was built to be respectful of its surrounding landscape. A young Spanish couple, in love with the rugged Granada coast, purchased this holiday retreat in a difficult plot over the Mediterranean Sea. Playing with the geometry of the terrain, the architecture creates a deliberate ambiguity between the natural and the artificial. The house is buried into the mountainside, hidden under a sheet of curved reinforced concrete lined by hundreds of handcrafted zinc flakes. This system is better suited to the terrain and was more economical than other more standardized. The interior is spread out over two levels, with a consistent temperature throughout the year. The bottom one is occupied by a large living room of 1,614 square feet (150 square meters) that follows the slope of the hillside, forming small terraces, like a theater perched on the horizon. The space extends to the outdoors, to a cantilevered swimming pool. On the second floor, the rooms are hidden under the undulating roof, reminiscent of the foam of the waves breaking on the rocks. The sea on earth.

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The cliff house is perched above the Mediterranean sea from a sloping plot of 42 degrees.

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Cliff House-GilBartolome Architecture-03-1 Kindesign

Although we tend to think that industrial processes are cheaper, the architects on this project have showed us that there are occasions in which handmade work is actually more affordable.

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What We Love: Its pretty awesome to walk out from your living room and hop into a swimming pool that cantilevers over a cliff edge that looks out over the Mediterranean Sea! We also found the organic forms of this structure to be very visually impressive. A unique home that is very worthy of a home tour… What do you think, did you find this home interesting? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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The furnishings were custom designed by the architects specifically for the house.

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Photos: Courtesy of GilBartolome Architecture

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