Alpine cabin offers dreamy winter escape in the French Alps

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Nestled high in the mountains with Mont Blanc in the horizon is this restored alpine cabin clad almost entirely in wood, situated in the French Alps, near the town of Megève. It is not a mere cottage, it is a construction in idyllic balance with the environment and equipped with a unique interior design. With roof carports, chimneys smoking and in the middle of a snowy landscape, this house evokes a story of Christmas. An access ramp made of bamboo brings visitors to the front entryway of this spectacular cabin.

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The house is an important architectural rehabilitation project in which sustainability and ecology were of utmost importance. Belgian decorator Lionel Jadot was commissioned to transform this old home from 1870 under the clients wishes to respect the past. It took two years to renovate and winterize the dilapidated structure and reinvent the building, including a new roof, installation of floors and walls of larch – wood used in origin, as in the houses of the area and distribution of the spaces according to the needs of the owners.

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The villa has two levels, with the bedrooms located on the lower floor and the upper floor is an immense loft-like space, with high ceilings that opens to the mountain by large windows that continue on to a terraced roof. In terms of decoration, the home is full of furnishings and pieces from different cultures and eras from travels to Africa, Asia and Europe. These are decorative findings throughout, picked up from antique shops and vintage stores. The end result is a very warm and cheerful atmosphere, halfway between the bucolic mountain house and a sophisticated New York loft, which tries to reconcile technology and ecology.

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What We Love: This dreamy alpine cabin was restored to its former glory, preserving many elements with a few modern updates. Expansive windows were added in the renovation to help frame the stunning, snow-capped views of Mont Blanc. Solar panels on the roof helps to modernize this home, while making it more energy-efficient. Loving the loft-like feel and the hints of Boho throughout!

Readers, what are your thoughts on the design of this home, do you like the mix of old with new? Let us know in the comments below!

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Photos: Nuevo Estilo

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6 years ago

I absolutely love this home. Thanks for the story and inspiration.