37 Amazing mid-century modern bathrooms to soak your senses

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Designing your bathroom in mid-century modern style can be very chic and trendy, as this style is heating up in renovation projects everywhere, you too can integrate this aesthetic into your home! We have gathered together a collection of ultra-inspiring images of varying types of mid-century bathrooms to give you some great ideas to get your next renovation project started. It can be simple or complex, depending on your budget, what is already in your current space and what your design goals are.

To better understand where this style originated, lets jump back to the era of 1945 – 1980, when houses were built with plenty of open space, simplicity of style and lots of windows, integrating with nature. The rise of mid-century modern came after the war, where materials such as steel and plywood were all the rage. Houses were created with flat planes or gabled roofs (mid-century ranch houses), open floor plans, expansive windows with sliding glass doors to encourage homeowners to get out into nature and be healthy.

Above: Photo Credit attributed to Susan Jay Design

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Another major feature in these houses are level changes, usually with small steps to enter and exit spaces (sunken rooms) or split-levels. In a traditional style home, smaller windows do not allow a child to be able to see outside, whereas floor-to-ceiling glass encourages them to be more engaged, open-minded and visually stimulated.

Here are some key take-away elements for designing your mid-century bathroom: large windows are needed to draw in light and nature (skylights can also be an option on upper level bathrooms), create a feeling of spaciousness through the use of glass (glass enclosed showers) and use either cabinetry or furniture pieces of varying heights to create depth. Furniture pieces with turned out legs can be retrofitted into a vanity, which can be seen in many of the images below.

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Some incorporate marble for the countertop, use vessel sinks or undermount sinks. White subways tiles have been added into many of the stylish bathrooms, which is a nice mix with wood cabinetry. Light fixtures are also integral to the design of your bathroom, whether using a chandelier, pendant lights, wall sconce or even some stylish mid-century lamps on the countertop.

Geometric floor tiles adds dimension to your space, while mirrors that are uniquely framed can add some art and a nice focal point. Last but not least, if you don’t have a huge window to let the greenery in, then try incorporating some plants into your space, making it fresh and beautiful! Have a look through the rest of the images and get inspired…

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Want more mid-century, we have plenty of home tours in this style here, or have a look at this other inspiring article we put together on 35 Wonderfully stylish mid-century modern bedrooms.

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The bathroom above features timber-veneer joinery with an Essastone countertop, offering plenty of storage. A partial glass-enclosed shower helps to keep transparency and the illusion of spaciousness.

Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Ideas-32-1 Kindesign

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The bathroom above is the perfect example of a mid-century renovated bathroom that was designed with budget-friendly finishes, materials and decor.

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1 year ago

Where can I find floor tile in picture 5?

L Folk
4 years ago

I LOVE the tile in photo 16. Do you know where I can get it? The dimensional floor tile with the subway walls looks amazing!

5 years ago

Would you please share where the cabinet furniture is coming from , image 7?
Many thanks!

Marie-Clade Appler
5 years ago

Hi – For the Photo #7, we love the two black (glass?) tubular pendant lights at the vanity. Might you share the resource please? Its a beautiful bathroom! Thank you.

5 years ago

Hey! That top pic is my bathroom! Thanks for including it, Susan Jay, the designer was a dream to work with.

Vladislav Zilberman
5 years ago

Hi, for picture #7 comment image), we love the cabinet hardware. Can you tell me were to find it?


Vladislav Zilberman
5 years ago
Reply to  One Kindesign

Thanks for the reply! Can you point me to the production/collection name? I can’t seem to find the same ones on their website. Thanks again!

Karen Sanal
5 years ago

Hi, They’re lovely designs. I’m interested in the backsplash tile about 20 from the top. Looks like a cream yellow colored/triangles glass tile. Where can I find that? Also the one 3 below that with a full wall of green-ish tile – What size are those tiles? We are remodeling a 50 year old powder room that now has tile half-way up the walls and on the floor and its just too much. Its white alternating with black 4×4 and black on the floor with big built in towel racks and even a built in magazine rack. Its garish and… Read more »

Michelle Cole
3 years ago
Reply to  Karen Sanal

Thank you for sharing all of these fabulous bathroom ideas! I too would like to find the supplier of the backsplash tile about 20 from the top. Yellow or light green triangle glass tiles.
Thank you,

Brad Greene
5 years ago

Can you tell me the source for the light wood vanity sink in picture 31? I want that bathroom for our renovated master.

Matthew Maga
6 years ago

For picture 6, do you have any information on the wood medicine cabinets? I’d love find something very similar.

Anne Webster
6 years ago

Hello. Absolutely love all of the designs above. The ninth photo from the top – the two white utilitarian sinks with the white faucet. I would like to know the source for each- sink and faucet. Thank you.

7 years ago


Do you have any information on the tile in the bathroom image below? My wife saw these on your blog and is love with them. I’d really like to find them and install them in our bathroom, but so far I have been unable to find the same tiles. Please help!




7 years ago
Reply to  Tim

Hi Tim, the floor tile is Italian, which would explain why it looks so attractive! Its called “Mutina Tile” and was sourced from a Canadian company called “Stone Tile”. You can probably get this tile at other retailers depending on where you are located. The bathroom of this particular home is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Given that information, if you really want the tile and cost details, call: 604-731-9948, this is the Vancouver showroom. The designers behind this design are “Falken Reynolds Interiors”. If you reference them and the image, you will hopefully get further help. If the tiles… Read more »