Stunning overhaul of an Edwardian residence

This existing Edwardian residence located in Hawthorn, Australia saw a total interior renovation throughout by Melbourne-based studio Mim Design. Use of base colors and materials that were clean, warm and neutral revived the existing interior. Custom designed built form joinery as well as furniture melded to create a comfortable relaxing feel. Clever use of working within the existing architecture was well considered throughout. The kitchen design is simply fabulous, what do you think of this brilliant renovation?

Mim Design is a diverse, creative practice that specializes in the design of interior environments. The key to their creative process is to provide something new and inspiring that captures and surprises the senses. It is their philosophy to produce unique individual holistic design results that are reflective of the client and/or the brand.

Mim Design’s holistic approach aims to create design spaces that are not only of sophisticated form, but are refined in detail and concerned with bringing the qualities of the client personality and individual brand into the design and project. Mim Design approaches each project individually and constantly seeks new and innovative ways to approach and solve design needs.

With considerable experience delivering projects within residential, retail, hospitality and corporate Mim Design has become a company that equates itself to the customization of interior design to suit each individual project. Mim Design believes all facets of design are essential in delivering a successful project; our studio has collaborated with like-minded Designers, Architects and Graphic Designers achieving outstanding results.

Photos: Shannon McGrath

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