Christmas home in Ontario infused with Scandi-chic style

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This fabulous modern home has been decorated for Christmas, taking inspiration from Scandinavian design elements, creating a cozy oasis in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The home is owned by Tara Ballantyne, a food and prop stylist, who got her inspiration from the living in Norway for a few years with her husband. The interiors are comprised of 1,700 square feet of living space, with a completely open layout. The home is full of life for the family of four, with a light and airy toned down color palette to the stylish modern furnishings. Norwegian influences can be seen everywhere, with layers of textures in faux fur and handcrafted touches appearing throughout. Several of the pieces that can be seen in this home were collected and brought with the homeowner from her time spent in Norway. When decorating for the holidays, the homeowner applies the same principles and design scheme that the Norwegians use, focusing on arts and crafts. This is what inspired the festive felt decorations that you will notice scattered throughout the interior decor scheme. Because the daylight hours are so sparse at this time of year in Norway, the inside of their homes are infused with brightness and warmth to counteract the darkness. Applying this principle, the homeowner decorated with a light color palette, layering furs and blankets, while decorating with paper star lanterns and candles in true Norwegian style to create a magical holiday decor scheme.

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Novel Idea: A fallen birch branch was transformed into an advent calendar with tiny wrapped gifts strung from twine that the children can open everyday up until Christmas!

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What We Love: The Scandi-style is so warm and cozy and the introduction of silver and gold metallics into the muted decor scheme adds some sparkle and playfulness to this homey abode. All the handmade details add a special touch, especially loving the handmade felt garlands and ornaments, creating a one-of-a-kind aesthetic!

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Photos: Style at Home

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