Contemporary home set on wooded hillside along the Oregon coast

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Designed by Phoenix-based architectural firm Jones Studio, the Singing Sands Residence is nestled into a wooded hillside in Cannon Beach, Oregon. This breathtaking coastal property was once the site of an old motel. The architects designed this 3,500 square foot dwelling with locally sourced materials, keeping the rainy climate of the Pacific Northwest in mind. The homeowners reside in Arizona and after vacationing in the area, they fell in love with this rugged coastline.

“Unlike the neighboring structures of opaque wood walls occasionally interrupted by rectangular window openings, Singing Sand is a glass pavilion, integrating foreground, ocean, horizon, and sunset with the comfort and protection of a honey colored interior,” states the architects.

Project Team: Architecture: Jones Studio / Interior Design: Dalton Interiors / Construction: Don Tankersley & Co.

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A metal scupper along the high-pitched gable roof connects to a rain chain, while large roof overhangs in the entry courtyard extends over the walkway to divert rainwater into an underground storage until it is needed for the dry season.

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While the home is contemporary architecture, the homeowners desired for it to feel like it has always been here. They wanted it to nestle in nature and be all about nature, blurring the boundaries between indoors and out. The exterior facade is clad with cedar siding, mimicking the traditional Oregon coastal homes. The wood continues to the interior—with a cedar ceiling and custom walnut cabinetry.

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Above: Detail of the rain gutter.

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Above: Native landscaping links the home with the Cannon Beach coastline.

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Above: Although the house is clad inside and out with wood, its steel framing helps the house to resist seismic forces and allows expansive floor-to-ceiling glass. This helps to invite indoors the surrounding lush courtyard garden on one side and the ocean on the other.

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What We Love: This beautiful Oregon coastal cottage offers the warmth of an old seaside village, thanks to the heavy use of wood both indoors and out. Transparency was key to this home’s success, adding floor-to-ceiling windows to frame views of the surrounding terrain. The courtyard offers an outdoor oasis of native plantings that adds to the vacation experience.

Readers, please share your thoughts on the overall design of this seaside dwelling. Are there any notable features that stand out to you?

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Photos: Jeremy Bittermann Photography

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Hugh Duncan
6 years ago

It’s quite impressive. But your focus on large, enormously expensive homes doesn’t leave much for those of us of more modest means to relate to. It’d be nice if you frequently featured smaller homes and cabins that would be sources of inspiration, rather than just entertainment.