Retro-inspired Barcelona flat with cozy interiors

Discovered on Mi Casa, a complete reform was undertaken in this Barcelona, Spain home to provide planning according to its new owners, a young couple with two small children. He is a photographer, and she is passionate about decoration, both wanted to preserve its original structure, with high ceilings, ornamental moldings and large windows. Its retro doors are also maintained, although access to the bathrooms was changed by sliding doors to optimize space. They chose to paint the walls white and thus enhance the light in the space; but also, to not subtract from the colorful flooring that has an incredible visual impact in decoration.

The open floor plan has visual continuity created through the environments: on one side, living area with a work corner, and in the opposite, kitchen and dining room. In the master bedroom next to the fireplace and vintage decor, evokes the leisurely and serene pace of times past. Concrete was chosen for the bathroom walls and floors which were completely renovated, a material which by its texture and natural appearance, fit into the style of the house. A world apart is the child’s bedroom, with wood flooring and decorated in white and slate, a chromatic palette used infrequently in baby’s rooms.

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