Fresh and natural Christmas decor for a home in Arkansas

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The home of designer Mona Thompson of Providence Design has festively decorated her beautiful home in West Little Rock, Arkansas for the holidays. When the designer decorates her home, she always begins with the tree, a tradition that began with her childhood that has been a magical experience. The designer has a very comfortable and welcoming home in neutral shades with layering of textures for added warmth. A traditional styling that mixes old with new, with collected pieces of art and antiques that are lightened up with fresh fabrics and upholsteries. The designer’s style tastes are also reflected in her selections for holiday decor. Instead of decorating with glitzy decor, she instead opts for a more natural style, using “fresh evergreens, magnolia leaves, extra-large pinecones, eucalyptus, cryptomeria” that have been cut from her property, mixed with “lots of red berries, poinsettias, feathers, and other natural elements,” states the designer. Instead of clearing everything away, she likes to work with what is already there and just add to it. In each space she tries to find a focal point, selecting the best surfaces that will make a great first impression.

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The designer’s advice when decorating your home for the holidays is to create an experience, almost always use restraint and be sure to edit! Even though you have had something in storage for years, you do not have to feel obligated to decorate with it. However, you should showcase items that evoke special memories of the past, this adds a bit of magic to your space. You should also decorate the exterior of your home with the same principles to create cohesiveness of design with the interior, and it also helps with the flow from one space to the next. It’s all about subtle transitions.

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What We Love: The natural holiday decor elements are very elegant, adding warmth and style to this beautiful home. Each space seems to be carefully edited, while the idea of selecting key focal points in each space instead of adding clutter all over is a fabulous idea! What do you think, what do you think of this Christmas decorated home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below…and while you are at it, be sure to follow us on our Pinterest page to keep up with the latest in design!

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The dining room has been decorated for a holiday dinner party, glitzed up with festive items such as pinecones, poinsettias, gold ornaments, evergreens, and decorative glazed trees.

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In the study you will find wall sconces that have been garnished with garlands ornamented with red berries.

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A focal point has been added to this space on the fireplace mantel by adding a wreath below the garland, level with the stockings, which adds depth.

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In the kitchen, the designer has decorated with a mix of natural elements, red poinsettias and oranges, adding colorful visual focal points to the space. In a light colored kitchen this adds a nice natural burst of color, while seasonal decor also intermingles with serving pieces and tableware that can be seen on the open shelving.

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Photos: At Home in Arkansas

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