Beautifully decorated Christmas home in Norway

This brilliant home in Norway has been beautifully decorated for the Christmas season. The ambiance surrounding the interiors is warm and cozy as a result of gorgeously appointed interiors and seasonal decorations that makes everything merry and bright! All of the rooms, from the hallway storage closet to the small tree in a basket display contemporary holiday decorations that are minimalistic but beautifully showcased.

An elegant tray on the coffee table in the living room displays a wonderful holiday scene of candles, pinecones and miniature reindeers, while the dining table features a centerpiece of pine boughs intertwined with pinecones and candles lying on top with a floral arrangement in the middle. The bedroom has been decorated with Christmas cheer, a holiday pillow adorns the bed, while even the staircase leading upstairs was given extra holiday pep with Bambi silhouettes wrapped with patterned wrapping paper and wrapped gifts hanging from them. The entire home looks inviting and comfortable; hopefully you will find some holiday inspiration or just enjoy looking at how a different country from yours decorates for the holiday season. Happy holidays from 1 Kind Design!

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Suzanne Christmann
4 years ago

Love the free standing metal blanket / towel stand! Is there a source to purchase this exact design?

12 years ago

Awesome! for christmast decor, i like very much, soo beautifull view. let see Minimalist Home too

Nora @ Logo Design
12 years ago

WOW, very beautifully decorated. n this is looking more impressive! i do like them too much! thanks for share :)