Rustic stone dwelling in a peaceful setting

This gorgeous compound in Wilson, Wyoming, adjacent to the Snake River, has been designed by Carney Logan Burke Architects. The John Dodge Compound is melded into a dense forest with open meadows with a blend of present day architecture and European heritage. Here is what the architect has to say about the design, “by emphasizing heavy stone and concrete masses, the design effects an expression of permanence suggestive of the traditional European country chateau. As a counterpoint to the dense materiality and massing of forms, the residence breaks down into three discrete volumes for garage, main living quarters (including a yoga studio), and master suite.” Expansive sliding glass doors opens out to spacious terraces and lush vegetation, deeply reflecting the vernacular of Western outdoor living. The home establishes its interior-outdoor connection through the incorporation of architecture and landscaping. A tranquil pond with a wood and steel bridge allows access from the terrace onto the property. The water ends at a courtyard, creating a wonderful focal point to the home’s entryway. The residence also features sustainable design elements such as radiant floor heating, geothermal heating, responsibly harvested lumber, insulated concrete forms and high-performance windows.

Visit the website of Carney Logan Burke Architects here.

Beautiful stone walls are carried through from the exterior to the interior of the home, adding warmth and texture to the space. The beautiful wood staircase creates a dramatic focal point to the space.

The home office is also used as a library space, with large expanses of picture windows to bring nature in. A wonderful space to spend time working or reading a book!

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