Beautiful Scandinavian Christmas home

This charming Scandinavian Christmas home is owned and decorated for the holidays by Connecticut Interior Designer Edie van Breems. The gorgeous sparkling Christmas tree has been decorated in hues of gold, white and blue.

The dining room features a 70-year-old clam-shucking table with several Paperwhite Narcissus. This beautiful winter white flower has a wonderful scent and they are commonly used as a fresh and natural decoration in the home at Christmas time.

The beautiful Christmas wreath hanging in the window is Scandinavian-style, made of boxwood and dried wheat.

This decorative side table has all kinds of wonderful holiday decorations from a bowl with shiny baubles to sprigs of holly on the holiday card display.

The buffet table is displaying delicious holiday treats and a goose feather tree decorated with marzipan fruit and small candy canes.

This charming Swedish countryside kitchen plays host to long strands of wheat in glass canisters as a centerpiece focal point on the table and dried wheat holiday wreaths in the windows.

The banister showcases a very Scandinavian tradition of decorating with natural materials. The garland features pine and wheat and the star in the chest is handmade from straw.

In the winter time in Sweden there is not many daylight hours, so their custom is to decorate using light colors to balance the darkness of the winter months.

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12 years ago

What a beautifully decorated house. It is so simple yet it is very elegant at the same time. I always think that you don’t need to be all flashy and go over the top to have a house that is decorated good. Thanks for sharing the awesome ideas.

13 years ago

Simply charming! Christmas without all the goopy mess. Nice pics.