A modernized version of a New England farmhouse in Connecticut

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Designed by Chango & Co., this modernized farmhouse is located in Westport, a coastal town of colonial origin, positioned along Long Island Sound in Fairfield County, Connecticut. This is a summer and weekend getaway home for a family of five, whose primary residence is in New York. The exterior facade has a traditional styling characteristic of its locale—a farming community. The structure features white clapboard siding, double-hung windows and a pitched roof.

This newly reconstructed, 9,000 square foot residence is surrounded by a lushly landscaped property. The homeowners were looking to put their own stamp on the home, requesting the design team to create a retreat that is both relaxing and kid-friendly. With this request in mind, material elements of leather and wool were sourced, both durable and low-maintenance. Other material selections included reclaimed wood, which can easily withstand wear and tear.

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The inspiration for the design of this project was a modernized version of a New England farmhouse. The interiors scheme reflects a sophisticated aesthetic with rustic nuances. In order to create this perfect balance, the designer custom designed most of the furnishings to fit the vision she had for the home. White fabrics were selected with the intention that they could be bleached if they needed to be cleaned.

The lightness of the walls and furnishings also helps to keep the spaces feeling bright and airy. The kids bedrooms and play areas are both practical and colorful. The designer works her magic in these areas, aiming to be more budget conscious and punch up the creativity. This way, money can be spent in other areas of the home where one would be more conscious about quality. In the master bedroom, maintenance went out the window, opting for luxurious fabrics and materials.

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Above: In the entryway, sculptural chairs comprised of teak are in the shape of large hands—selected to add a touch of playfulness to an otherwise sophisticated design aesthetic.

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What We Love: This modernized farmhouse retains the beauty of its existing New England style facade, while infusing personality into the interior. We love how the main living spaces are stylish and sophisticated while still be low-maintenance. While the kids zones are playful and vivacious, making this home a fun getaway for all to enjoy… Readers, what is your favorite design feature in this Connecticut family getaway?

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Above: The bench at the end of the bed was sourced from Anthropologie. The wallcovering is from Phillip Jeffries.

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Photos: Raquel Langworthy

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1 year ago

Hi! Can you give me some information about your track curtain rods and drapes? Love the clean lines of them without the bulk!

2 years ago

I also LOVE that console table behind the sofa. Where can I purchase it?

Melissa J
2 years ago

Where are those beautiful console tables from that are behind the sofa?

5 years ago

Beautiful!! The wallpapers are lovely! Could you please tell me the supplier and pattern name of the one used in the master? Kind thanks in advance. :)